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Peace with Earth

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The new year has just started. We are in the second year of the second decade of this century. The usual greetings at new year is peace on earth. A noble, but futile gesture. War in the 21. century seems a little archaic, doesn’t it? (1)

Let’s get down to some disturbing facts. The American military just pulled out of Iraq. The war there has officially ended there. But no one really knows if the supposed democratic transition will hold up in the future, or whether all the ethnic groups will be at each other throats very soon. Thus the war will continue in a different shape and form.

Still in many parts of the world armed conflicts are continuing unabated. So much for the wishful thinking that 2012 will be a peaceful year. Iran draws closer by the minute into the line of fire. Then when the sanctions against Iran, because of their nuclear ambitions, will turn into a military operation. As some politicians in America and Israel suggest. All those in favor of a show of will should keep in mind, that it is always easier to start a war, then to end it. And the distance between those two points is usually soaked in blood. One thing is clear, Iran is not as weak as Iraq was at the beginning of the second Iraq war. The implications for the global economy can’t be valued up front. The Straights of Hormuz could be closed by Iran without much difficulties. While in Iraq about 1.5 million people died, the death toll in Iran might be much higher. Just as much as the Iraq war was a miscalculation a military operation in Iran could become a full fledged war. All this because the western powers together with Israel oppose Iran to become nuclear. On the one hand Iran says it will use their nuclear capabilities for civil purposes, while the West and Israel fear that Iran will build nuclear arms. On the other hand Iran asserts, that their oil resources will eventually run dry and they will need another means to provide their people with energy. Since it is a fact, that all the oil reserves are limited and will eventually run dry, it is a viable stance of the Iranian government to look for alternatives. But why it has to be nuclear energy in a land which is prone to earthquakes is difficult to understand. Unless, of course, the nuclear energy enables to build nuclear weapons as well. Anyway a military coup against Iran will be much more difficult than the war in Iraq, with possibly many more victims.

Iran is only mentioned in this post, because the rhetoric is heating up by the Republican hopeful candidates for the presidency of the USA. All of them, except for Mr. Ron Paul, never forget to talk about all the options available. The ultimate option is the armed intervention. But this kind of war is not the war humanity is waging against nature on a daily basis. Except for the killing of human beings the other hallmark of war is the destruction caused to nature. Regarding the destruction inflicted upon nature even without a war is staggering. All this in order for the economy to grow. At this point we come to an impasse, because the economy has to grow in order to provide a growing world population with their vital needs. Otherwise people will die without a conventional war. What can be done in order to keep a viable balance between the needs of humanity and the rights of nature to remain intact?

Sustainability should be the right answer. The TOTEM System, as introduced by Nesseq, could play a decisive role in it. Recycling of used materiel should become mandatory. A reduction in consumption is the answer of the individual to this problem. It must be kept in mind, that a nature out of balance just might become the cause of new wars. If the Climate Change is kicking in, water resources might dry up, the level of the seas might rise and many other reasons might force people to migrate in masses. In a overly crowded world there is no place left where to go to. The people already living where the new comer want to go will defend their lot with every means possible. It will be a matter of survival. All this could be circumvented if humanity would start to change their ways of living.

Peace with earth is just as important as peace between the people!


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