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One more time!

Posted by on May 1, 2010 in Ecology | 4 comments

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Again there is an Oil Spill!

This time off the coast of Louisiana/USA. On the 22. April 2010 it was reported that an oil rig in the gulf of Mexico was first burning and then it sank. Polluted first the air with the smoke and later the sea with an oil sheet that is now penetrating the wetlands of Louisiana.

BP as the owner of the rig, so it seems, didn’t plan for a major incident.

This is not the first time something like this is happening. The list seems to be endless. And only the major oil spills are listed. The little pollutions by oil on sea and on land are not even mentioned in the list.

On the 5. April 2010 an incident off the Great Barrier Reef in Australia was reported.

The sum of all the oil spills, big and small are tremendous.

The affects on nature are terrible. Animals and plants are dying and on land the ground water is becoming undrinkable. For animals and humans alike!

But none of us has the right to complain about this tragedies. This is what everyone of us wants. Cheap energy and to hell with the world. Alternative energy, like the TOTEM could help to reduce the demand for crude oil. With the lessening of the demand the probability of such accidents will also lessen.

The oil industry will earn less, but since oil is a Limited resource also our children and their children will have oil for their Products.

The oil is not just needed for gasoline but also for many other products, such as paint, plastic, medicine and more.

To burn the oil just releases the CO2, which has been sequestered by plants millions of years ago. this in addition to the fact that more and more forests and the Phytoplankton in the oceans are being destroyed. The forest and the Phytoplankton are the main resources of Photosynthesis the world has! One of the reason the Phytoplankton is damaged are oil spills!

All said, we want to mention the 11 workers of the rig. No one knows what happened to them. We at Nesseq wish that the got off the rig unharmed. And we want to support, if only morally, their families.

The Oil Consumtion Clock:

Learn more about Peak Oil at
(The picture of the oil spill courtesy of NASA)
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  1. omega watches

    I’ve got it bookmarked now. Thanks for the heads-up.

  2. Marva Mabie


  3. Johnny bingle

    Hiya, You write some good articles. I check back here often to find out if you have kept up to date.

  4. Christopher Creppel

    I feel sorry for Louisiana fishermen, who will face ruin because of the huge Gulf of Mexico oil spill, Once offshore shrimp beds are contaminated, the shrimp season which is just beginning will effectively end and clean-up efforts could last for years. The authorities should have done something quicker instead of waiting for the oil to get so close.

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