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On Saving Energy

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IllegalleryHumanity is for ever energy hungry.

We always were, even in prehistoric times. Of course, then the energy needed was much smaller, than what we need today. Still it needed a lot of human energy to collect the wood and to use sticks or flintstones to ignite the fire. It was also not the most efficient way to utilize energy.
It seems to be a paradox, that on the one hand this world is inundated by energy and on the other hand we human beings never have enough energy. The energy of the sun is the fuel on which live on earth runs. Earth gets more energy from the sun than it needs. In the best case excess energy is deflected into
space. This mechanism is disturbed by Greenhouse gases which trap the excess energy in the atmosphere and causes Climate Change.
Actually we have more than enough energy but we can’t utilize it easily. Life on earth would be impossible without BSE-Biological Buy-Buy-ByeSolar Energy (1). Plants and the animals, and also we humans, all depend on this celestial Prime Energy. This point must not be proven, it has to be taken as granted.
Only Nuclear Energy exist without direct intervention from the sun (2). Coal and, according to Wikipedia, all Oils are of organic origin (3). The BSE is a indirect form of energy because we cannot utilize it directly to produce electricity. To achieve this goal direct technology is needed to convert the BSE into electricity.
As of today Solar Technology is divided in Thermal Solar (4) and Photovoltaic (5).
Thermal Solar is usualy used to heat water and Photovoltaic transforms Light waves into electricity. Even Hydro and Wind energy is a form of BSE. Without it ther would be no wind and all the water on earth would be frozen.
The BSE is, in terms of a human perspective, unlimited and unrestrictedlly supplied. But this form of energy is not sufficient for the modern world. Today Electricity is needed in order to survive and to live the modern life style. This kind of energy is hardly sufficient for the seven billion people inhabiting the earth right now.
How to support the future with 9 billion people on earth?
To rely on fossil fuel does not seem to be the solution. This kind of energy is already quite problematic. Firstly, the CO2 of hundreds of millions of years ago, which has been caught by plants then, is released into the atmosphere. Secondly, when the oil and gas is

Even a Bike as a Totem

Even a Bike as a Totem

pumped out from the earth, what happens next? One thing is certain the space will fill up with something. Again human kind is disturbing the natural balance.
Nuclear power to satisfy all our energy needs is no solution either (6). As long as there is no solution what to do with the nuclear waste. And nuclear fusion still seems to be sci-fiction (7).
The only viable solution, as of today is: Energy must be saved by all means!
In this regard a nation can’t be run in a different manner than a shop or a household. would you open your windows in the middle of the winter while the heating is on? We can all agree, that this would be a senseless waste of energy. Not just energy per se, but also a waste of money. If you want to air a room in your apartment or house, you would turn down the heating while the windows are open. No matter how cheap energy is in your country. It is still a waste. Rich people are able to waste money, but the majority of people in this world are not rich. Not even financially comfortable, to put it mildly. So to open the windows in the winter while the heating is on is a waste of energy and money and it adds heat and all sorts of Greenhouse gases, at the power station, to a already warming atmosphere! I know this assertion is disputed by some people, although no one can deny the possibility that Climate Change is real!
If there is only a slight chance that Climate Change is real, than every effort must be undertaken to save energy.
The prevailing thought about saving energy is to make all the energy consuming technologies, such as cars, light bulbs and so forth, more energy efficient. As laudable as it is it does not really adress the underlying problem of energy waste.
One important point is unemployment. Is it sensible to employ machines instead of human beings? Machines must be build, the material must be mined and transported, then the machine runs energy efficient and at the end it ends in the scrap yard. Of course, not all the jobs should be done by human beings, such as the ones which
are a health hazard. But other jobs which could be done by human beings should be done by human beings.
The only solution to the energy problem is to be on a energy diet and save energy!

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