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Oil Rigs in the Fight against Climate Change

Posted by on Jul 24, 2010 in Water | 7 comments

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After the bad experience with the Deepwater Horizon oil rig it is about time to come to the rescue of Off Shore Oil Rigs in general.
The technology of the rigs have a high potential in the fight against the Climate Change.
The reader might ask, how’s that? If the public hears about off shore oil rigs it is negative news. Mostly an environmental catastrophe like the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
The avid reader might ask now, what are the good news about the oil rigs?
Many cities on the shores of the oceans throughout the world have no waste water purification plants. The sewage is spilled into the oceans. The Gravitational Force is exploited, since the level of the ocean is the lowest point of any city.
In the course of modernization those cities are supposed to get a waste water purification plant. As usual the more expensive alternative is being sought after. The waste water purification plant is planned in the hinterland, behind the city.
The disadvantage is obvious. The gravitational force must be overcome and the sewage must be pumped to a higher point. Probably above hills and far away from the city. This means a high energy demand while building the sewage system and the waste water purification plant. And after the completion the building measure the whole system must be run which will also demand much energy.
The question is, whether the population growth is reckoned in the planning? Also the damage to nature should not be forgotten!
The solution is obvious. The existing sewage system, which leads into the sea, can be used. At the end the waste water purification plant is located on a altered oil rig. The technology is already known and tested. Since in this case the rig is not in the middle of the ocean the conditions are a little bit easier.
This is a cheaper solution and with the money saved many such waste water purification rigs can be built! And this would help to keep our oceans clean.

A clean ocean helps fight the Climate Change!

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