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Oh, Mr. President

Posted by on Jun 17, 2010 in Ecology | 55 comments

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After more then 50 days of an unparalleled Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico, US- President Obama realized that this catastrophe
can be compared to  catastrophes such as Chernobyl, 9-11 or the Katrina-Hurricane.
Although 9-11 was an act of terror, an act to harm civilians.
Still the results on the public conscience is almost the same. The Katrina-Hurricane was needed, so that Mr. Al Gore could make his movie An Inconvenient Truth. Which led to the so called Al Gore-Effect. Public awareness was rekindled.
But in the end public awareness went to sleep again, since nothing dramatic has happened since then.
And now the Oil Spill has struck the world.
One more link in an endless chain of ecological catastrophes!
The lesson is clear, just as president Obama said, America must stop its addiction to fossil fuel. He added, that this will be an expensive transition. This is not exactly right, it seems that Mr. Obama has not yet heard of the TOTEM System from Nesseq.
The other question which arises is, whether this addiction to fossil fuel must only be broken by the USA? The answer is simply, NO! The task is a global one. We all have to overcome this addiction. As individuals and as nations!
But even if a new fuel is found for engines, this does not still the global hunger for oil, since the oil is also needed as a raw material for various products. And with a growing world population the demand will inevitably grow. The conclusion must be, that such accidents will not happen again in the future, that everything must be done to avoid such disasters.
Mr. Obama, you are being held responsible. After your words, deeds must follow!
But it will be, as it always is. The spill will eventually be stopped and the media will report about other urgent matters
and the public is known for its short memory.
And in the end nothing will change until the next environmental catastrophe. And no one will take responsibility again. BP will pay a fine and some compensations and business will go on as usual.

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