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Obama and the Near East

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ObamaAs an Israeli I am very disappointed in US-president Obama.
No, not for the usual reasons of Obama bashing. For his adversaries in Israel and the USA Obama’s middle name Hussein seems to imply he is a Muslim. A secret one! That in itself is already enough reason to loath him. The other reason seems to be, that he is of color and the White House, as the name implies, belongs to a white man. But this is all speculations. Although there is a kernel of truth in it, I am sure. Still it is only a conjecture.
A fact is, that Mr. Obama once inspired hope throughout the world.
At the beginning of his first term he choose Cairo for his first major speech abroad (1). It seemed the beginning of the end to the animosity between the West and the Arab world. A time where we start shaking hands with the Muslim world instead of boxing them in the face. The message was powerful and fully aligned with Obama’s campaign message of the Audacity of Hope. It inspired so many people all over the world, even in far away Sweden. So much so, they gave Obama the Peace Nobel prize in 2009 (2). Right at the beginning of the presidency, even before he could accomplish anything.
The Committee stressed this point of hope for the decision to award Obama the prize at the beginning of his
presidency and not after, as is usual.
It must have seemed to the people in the Near East, after a war for no reason, that the mighty USA and their allies  might say, they are sorry. That this is a new beginning. But this did not happen, neither in words nor in deeds.
The Bush war was only the last, but perhaps the most devastating, example of how the West, Europe and the USA
mingle in the internal affairs of other countries. For many countries it was the West, the so-called free world,
which left a broad path of blood, sweat and humiliation.
I believe in the sincerity of Mr. Obama, he meant what he said. It was the time to end a very unfortunate era. The
Iraq war of Bush/Cheney was only justified in the eyes of those people who wanted the war. The majority of the
people all over the world were against it. And small wonder, no one gave a damn how the Arab world perceived one more humiliation and hundreds of thousands of dead and maimed people. Until today the Weapons of Mass Destruction (3) have not been found.
It did not, and does not, matter whether those WMD exist or not. If it were so important the CIA or some other
agency could easily forge the proof. Which only proves, that all the reasons to go to war were just pretense.
For us in the West it is easy to go on without really thinking about what goes on in the rest of the world. Right
now the Europe is confronted with an onrush, a downright stampede, of refugees from the Middle East.
Are those refugees the result of the Iraq war? Didn’t Mr. Benyamin Netanyahoo in 2002 bragged in front of a
congressional hearing in Washington DC how taking out Saddam Hussein will lead to an implosion of the Arab nations.
Mr. Netanyahoo almost guaranteed this outcome. I doubt, that this is what Mr. Netanyahoo had exactly in mind
with his statement. His rational was, that the more chaos is within the Arab world the less attention will Israel
get. But could the so-called Arab Spring (4) and the war in Syria be a collateral implosion of the Iraq war? And the refugee crisis in Europe as the logical segue!
I don’t blame Obama for failing in the inspiration he invoked in the people. Perhaps he was naive, not really
experienced enough for a politician who wanted to be the president of the USA. But compared to the more experienced George W. Bush, Obama does not fare too bad. At least, Mr. Obama did not start any major wars. All the military actions happening in his name are surgical missions. Where often times civilians are hurt or killed as collateral damage. For us in the West it is collateral damage, for the people in the countries where it is happening it is
Besides being a possible collateral damage it is also the humiliation felt by all the Arab people. The West can do
whatever it wants without impunity! Whereas the Arab people are invisible in the eyes of the western people, their
victims are collateral damage. This is not the way to make peace with the Arab world. Also that the Palestinian
Israeli conflict is not pursuit by Obama is a clear sign to the Arab population, that their justified demands for
peace and human dignity are neglected by the West.
This is not the way to find peace with the Arab world!
What has this got to do with Ecology the reader might ask. Ecology can only be pursuit if human beings find peace with each other. When we find peace with each other, we will also find peace with nature!

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