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All First NecklacesJust the other week I opened the 0n-line shop of Here I want to exhibit my work. I only sell what I personally produce.  At the beginning it is necklaces made of Resin. Necklace implies some sort of Jewelry. My necklaces are not just Jewelry, my necklaces are ready to wear art.

This is not Jewelry, this is a Statement!

In the future I’ll go into full scale art and design. The proceeds will eventually help me to finance some practical projects, like a model of a TOTEM (Total Energy Modulation).

A model made with the spare parts of automobiles from the scrap yard.

The Necklaces

Resin – isn’t it pure chemistry? It is. If that so, doesn’t it contradict your ecological demands? Not necessarily. The use of chemical products is commendable since it is very energy efficient. The raw material is easily won and the products are durable and can be easily recycled. The problem is not so much the use of plastic as rather the collection of the waste and how to process it.

We have to be aware that also ceramics and glass are artificial products. In comparison plastic needs less energy in production, transport and recycling than glass and also less landscape than clay.

Of course my products are not intended to be thrown away. On the contrary, all my models are a limited edition of 250 pieces with a hand signed certificate. Who knows, perhaps it will be much more worth in a couple of years.

An important point is why I chose such a simple way to bind the strings of the necklaces. On the other hand I try to save energy by knotting the strings instead of using a flimsy mechanism. Which is so cheap that it won’t hold for a long time. And what then?

So I skip the mechanism, such is the simplest and most secure way for the necklaces. And you can decide by yourself how long you want it to be. Please open the knot every once in a while. The knot should be soft at all times.

Right now I use synthetics as the strings but as soon as I find fine hemp rope I will change it.

In the meantime I hope you like what you see. Enjoy.

Nesseq Online Shop




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