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Nesseq Mission

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Welcome to Nesseq!

Nesseq stands for Network for the Environment, Social Security and Equality (Human Security). is dedicated to fight the Climate Change. offers some ideas about the possibilities, technically and financially.

Self-Help in your town or neighborhood has a lot of potential to save and to produce energy!

NESSEQ hopes that many people will make the ideas introduced here come true.

Mission Statement

The philosophy of nesseq is best described by the page Deep Ecology in Wikipedia.

The difference is that we at offer some practical solutions like the TOTEM System.

Nesseq strives to become a quarterly news letter reporting on the advancement of the ideas which are introduced here.

The Oil Consumtion Clock:

Learn more about Peak Oil at
The Oil Clock shows how much oil is consumed every second.
With more alternative energy the demand for oil will slacken. And so will the destruction of nature and the emission of CO2.If you think to invest in alternative energy, you will have to take the energy prices, based on oil, into considerations.The higher the energy price, the higher the investment!Which means, that now is the time to invest in TOTEM Systems!

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  1. Ron Easley

    Dear Dr. Max Nadel,

    I want to thank you for the letter you had sent to the President. My youngest son brought it to my attention. It seems that the American people are being played off against each other and often ignored with their concerns by some of those who are in power.

    I love you,


    • Max

      Dear Ron,
      I think there is a mistake. First I am not a doctor and secondly, i never sent a letter to any president.
      Sorry to disappoint you. All the best,

  2. Daniel M. Wellson

    To Sir Max Nadel
    From Daniel M. Wellson
    46 Cabrillosion Ave # 77
    Torrance California 90121
    California Drivers License A67125977

    (this is the second submission)

    These submission are for the book we agreed to colaborate on me Daniel M. Wellson and Sir Max Nadel , I recal i am to send you letters , and you are to put them together, At present I am in a civil suit, and it is going along just as I had planned to the very step,

    1) I had to file this case
    2) I was betrayed for 40 yers by almost every employee I ever had contact with or met in fact
    3) The litigation was sabataged
    4) Goverment officials hid documents that were very hard to obtain
    5) memeorys of officials are not clear, and many are retired or very old.
    6) To many people perjured themselves to the point that they have to continue to lie to avoid prison
    7) The case was litigated to finality back in 1973 in fact , and I had to continue to file actions just to keep the record known, and so many people were willing to COMMIT a fradu upon the court that I had to leave traps for every one,
    8) 75% percent tof the staff that worked on my properties should be imprisoned for at least 5 years for theft,
    9) the goverment rediged on everything, and their was no physical protection of any kind.
    10) the Court was nothing , nothing at all but a libary to file papers that no person had the heart to respect.
    11) Money from someone elses efforts has no recognition of respect by any one, because if you do not buy what ever the peole will steal it from you.

    I am waiting for your reply here on this nesseq mission which we will …… to be continued

    • Max

      Hello Daniel,
      i really don’t know what this is all about. I am neither a doctor nor a Sir and I never agreed to collaborate on any book. There must be a mistake.
      All the best,

  3. Jess

    I see that the site is closed? And no longer updated, i came back few times during the last month to read whats new, but now i see is nothing, sad to see this, few good sites are running with content as yours, anyway good luck and good bye.

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