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Money and Energy

Posted by on Nov 4, 2010 in Ecology | 3 comments

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In the movie Cabaret is a song called, Money makes the world go round! Everyone knows that to be true. Without Money nothing goes, one can’t even buy a loaf of bread. And a roof above the head is out of the question without money. Money provides social security. And the more one has of it, even luxury. Money has become as important as foodstuff and oxygen. Without it one could die of starvation.
This is the personal level on which money plays a role. There are more levels, economics and national levels on which money plays an important role. But this should not concern us here. The point is, which is not mentioned in Wikipedia or anywhere else, that money is also a fiscal measure for energy.

The more expensive something is the more energy has been used to produce it. Quality products demand more energy than cheaper ones. The more energy has been put in the production, the more expensive the item becomes.

This is good on the one hand. The more expensive something is the more it is looked after and the longer it last. It can also be sold used at a reasonable price.

Cheap products need less energy in the production, but are easily being thrown away. It becomes garbage and fills up the waste deposit and must be newly produced. In end all those factors added up, it might need more energy to consume cheap products.

It might seem a contradiction, but the recommended Energy Saving Light Bulbs are a different matter. Those bulbs are much more expensive than the conventional, Incandescent Light bulbs.  Those bulbs are admittedly using more energy but are cheaper to produce and the recycling is a lot easier than with the energy saving bulbs. Considering all factors the energy saving light bulbs might demand much more energy in production and recycling than what can be saved by using them.

And this is the crux of the relationship between enegy and money. It does not seem to be important how to save energy but it is rather important to find new products, which enables some interested parties to earn more money.

This is also the problem of the TOTEM System, which could save energy by using Inherent Energy. But since Inherent Energy does not cost money it can’t earn money.

So the question must be asked, what is more important? Earning more money or saving energy?

For everyone who would like to hear the song Money!

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