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Migrants and Refugees

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Light at End of TunnelIt is almost five years ago, that I wrote something about refugees and migrants (1). The situation did not improve since. On the contrary, it just got worse. The picture of the dead child Aylan on a beach in Turkey haunts the world (2) and the refugee problem is back in the public focus.
The question is only, for how long? Until the crisis in Europe will abate? The immigration problem in the USA is slightly different. Most of the illegal immigrants are economical refugees. Although a substantial part of those people are fleeing violence in their country and would have to be recognized as war refugees. If the violence in their country would be regarded es a war. Even if it is not a formal war between two countries it is a war which party has the power in the state. Some drug cartels in Central America seem to be a state within a state. Anyway, the situation seems to be the result of the War on Drug (3).
It is not a cure to build strong fences and a beautiful wall to keep the immigrants out of the country. I have to admit, that I don’t know what to do about the real war refugees. The prayers for peace have not been heard for thousands of years. And it won’t be heard forever, wars will always be part of human history.

But something has to be done about the so-called economic refugees. The situation will become truly catastrophic, when the ecological migrants, or rather refugees will join the ranks (4).


To end the drug wars in Central America the solution is pretty easy. Every country on earth legalizes drugs and the rug is pulled from underneath the drug cartels. Licensed Pharmacies can handle the distribution instead. A win-win for everyone but the criminals! The money the countries save by not criminalizing drug users can be used in drug education and rehabs. One conclusion is inescapable after such a long and fierce war on drugs, the demand is constantly pretty high. If we can’t cure the addict by punishment, perhaps we should try medical treatment?

There is a very vivid reminder from the beginning of the 20. century; the Prohibition (5).

During the prohibition organized crime took over the trade and earned a lot of money. There are a lot of movies about this era. Shot in real time, so to say!


The economic refugees are a different problem. But a problem that requires to see where the root of the problem lies.Mask
After more than half a century of development policies poverty has not been eradicated. Admittedly a lot of the foreign aid found entry into the private pockets of officials in many 3. World countries. But this did not happen on it’s own, bribery is a Tango for two. The rich countries gave readily, including the bribes. They also profited by supplying developing countries with expansive European-American system of infrastructure and technology. Everyone involved profited from it but the poor people.

This policy also succeeded to push the developing countries into the debt trap! It is obvious through the sheer numbers of economic refugees, that this policy was a complete failure.


This is not the only example how the first world, specifically Europe, has exploited their colonies throughout the world. On this exploitation is the wealth of Europe based. Let’s be a bit more specific, the main Colonial powers were England, France, Holland, Belgium, Spain and Portugal. The Germans, Danes and the Italians also tried their luck, but their empire was much smaller (6).

The USA profited from their own backyard in Central and South-America (7). Virtually all revolutions in South and Central America the American government was in some ways involved. The only time it did not happen that way was in Cuba.
After World War II America also started to reach across the oceans, while Japan took care of business in the Far East.


The wealthy and developed countries have exploited the poor and less developed countries. Now the existence in Strangers in Tel Avivmany of this countries becomes unbearable for many people and they start to move to Europe and the USA.
This moment of decision to leave ones home, the language, the culture, family and friends to look for a better life somewhere far away is where the solution lies. The situation in the poor countries has to change, so people will not be seduced to find a better life in a strange country, all by themself. Without family and friends, treated by the native folks as a criminal.


In a world as developed as our is to be confronted with abject poverty is a social perversion. Something has to be done!

First, the debt strangling the poor countries must be waived!

Second, the Global Marshall-Plan must be implemented!

Besides the aquittal of debts (8) and the Global Marshall-Plan (9), the concept of the infrastructure must be rethought. The present concept is much too big and way too expensive. Instead of a centralized grid every neighborhood has its own waste management and power production. It is much cheaper and it will produce a lot of jobs and will start a local economy. As soon as the people feel and see a perspective for the future, fewer and fewer people will want to leave. No one wants to be a migrant! If the overall situation improve, possible refugees will be absorbed closer to home. This is also in ecological context important, since no one knows where the ecological catastrophe will strike.

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