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Merry Christmas?

Posted by on Dec 25, 2016 in Politics | 0 comments

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A merry Christmas, and other holidays, but a happy new year!
Will this christmas, and other holidays, be merry? Perhaps it’s only me, but I have the feeling the overall atmosphere is not very positive.
There is Aleppo, which is again in the hands of the Syrian government and I don’t know if this is such a good thing. The silver lining, of course, that the people of Aleppo do not suffer as they did a couple of weeks ago. Then there was the terror attack in Berlin. Which does not let you feel any joy of christmas. There are many more reasons in this world to feel a little down.
That the American people elected Donald J. Trump for president, does nothing to alleviate the depression. On the contrary, as an ecologist I am rather worried. I am worried to such a point, where I have to ask myself whether my worries are still rational. But to grant Rex Tillerson and Rick Perry senior positions in the new administrations doesn’t bode well for sensible eco minded people! Trump will be the subject for my next article. As the Donald is tweeting: Stay tuned!
Anyway, although the atmosphere of the holidays isn’t exactly exuberant, we should not despair and see the chances the new year offers us.
I see for myself, oh thank you oh you Donald, a easy year for a blogger. It is going to be very interesting four years.
In spite of all the bad vibes let’s be hopeful. A lot just depends on ourselves. We can still listen to what Bernie Sanders had to say. Get organized and establish Worker, and other kinds of, Co-operatives! It is nice to complain how life us not fair to us. But in the end it all depends on us.
With this I wish you a festive Christmas, and other holidays and a successful new year.
As every year the same, all the best to my friends and my foes. May you be healthy, get love and give love and a stable existence.<br>
Happy new year!

Perhaps a point to think about, whether the promise of Obama about Hope and Change, ended in disappointment. The economy is stable compared to eight or nine years ago. Under Obama there was no major economic or financial crisis’s. In foreign politics he was not successful, but still not such a failure as George W. Bush.
But Obama does not leave a legacy of Hope.

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