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Memo 27.07.2010

Posted by on Jul 27, 2010 in Memos | 6 comments

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Again it is time to write a memo about what is happening in

Lately we got lots of comments which are quiet hateful.

Someone called Mike posted a comment about water waste in Israel. He states that he doesn’t care about the water situation in Israel. That might be as it is, but Mike is missing the point. The post Summertime and the Waters are Flowing tries to show the water situation in Israel as an example how it, probably, is all over the world. Why should it be different somewhere else? It is about building up awareness.

If Mike thinks the post should be written in Hebrew and that Mike is therefore the wrong audience, then Mike should not visit again.

In a response to the post Feminism and Climate Change a woman by the name of Anna advices me to “kill myself.” Because I am supposed to have difficulties with women and/or women have difficulties with me or whatever. The question whether Anna really read the post or whether she is reacting like Pavlov’s Dogs. As soon as a man writes about Feminism has automatically a problem with women.  The point of the post was to introduce into the thought of Feminism the grain of Climate Change. This is in my opinion a justifiable criticism, since Climate Change adds to the potential of Feminism.

Someone calls himself the Mr. David the Proud American and he takes upon himself to demand from me all the donations back that I supposedly received from the visitors of Who is this Proud American? He wants in the name of all readers “our money back!” I have to admit that I would like to get donations in order to run the website properly and to have the means to build the models of my ideas. But this is not to be. Until now I haven’t got a penny yet. Also from the Pay per Click in all the time I earned 2 $ and some cents.

If someone thinks this website is about getting rich s/he is mistaken. In order to get rich I should have made another web site!

Liz on Feminism an Climate Change says the she studies engineering and is “quite intrigued” by my ideas. Thank you very much Liz.

But i would really like if you could help me do the planning for the projects. Perhaps you could talk to your professors about the ideas and build it in your school.


Max Nadel

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  1. mustang lover

    How does donating money to a foster home help out?

  2. Nancy K.

    Hi Max,

    I Support you, you are right, don’t listen to some bored folks, and don’t let them angry you, they are only numbers, bots living in a virtual world.

    Keep writing the good articles, and GOD BLESS YOU.

  3. Raymond Scheuer

    thank you for your sharing. I like it.

  4. Dissey

    Go to hell with your attitude, what the hell you think you are ? Doctor . Big deal ! So what, y ou are rude and braggart.

  5. Carrie

    This is my fist comment to your site, I read your articles every now and then, and some are nice to read with interesting ideas, i also enjoy reading other comments, but let me tell you something Mr. Max or Dr. Max if you prefer :

    There is so much Anger in you, you should get some “Anger Managment Help” ! Yes Sir !

    Visitors have the right to question you, to have doubts, not to agree with you, to tell you “Hello Max, you are wrong, or Hey Max kill your self”. but at the same time i don’t think you have the right to be extremly rude with answers to your visitors and to people.

    Good Luck and Take it EASY !

    • Admin (Max)

      Dear Carrie,
      I am not angry. If I would be I would not approve of the comments. But to say to someone “kill yourself” as Anna has done is going too far. No one has to agree with what I write but let the disagreement be in kind.
      Max Nadel

      p.s. I do not know how that Doctor business came to be. So please don’t call me that.

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