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Memo 25.10.2010

Posted by on Oct 25, 2010 in Memos | 6 comments

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Actually I wanted to publish today a post about Futurologism. I will have to write it another time.


The reason for this delay is the riot I caused, by refusing to bend to pressure of my readers to change something in the post Plastic and Climate Change. 

It was a slight difference in years, when Plastic was invented. Everyone can follow the discussion on the comment section of the Link to the post. 

Someone called me in a comment a dictator. What does this person call all the people who demand from me to do something I don’t want to do? Democrats?     

I am the only one to take full responsibility for what is happening in this web site. And my responsibility dictates me not to alter a document. And be it a digital one!

Especially since Nancy corrected me in the second comment. Thank you very much Nancy, I appreciate it. To make the correction of Nancy more visible for all to see, I decided to take off the comment by John Hinker. Sorry John, I had to do it. But it was the only comment I took off. If this is a solace for you.

But this reminds me of a question I wanted to ask. 

What are your friends, the Aliens, doing on earth? Do they have good or bad intention? Or are they just neutral and invisible? John you say, that your friends have had the same problem of a changing climate on their homeplanet. But the problem was solved. How did your friends handle the situation? They could surly help us and give us guidance.

 Why don’t they?

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  1. Adam

    I see you lost many of your visitors, i see there is no public interest with your topics, almost 0 comments from the people who were respecting you and asking your advice, but not anymore maybe ? you insulted us deeply, and i am glad you paying the price.

    I still read your articles, i think they are good, but i will never “ever” comment or contribute to your site.


    • Admin (Max)

      if I offended someone I apologize. But still I think, that a published document should not be changed. Even if everyone demands it. My mistake was, that I did not put the correction at the end of the post as I did later.
      Thank you,

  2. Nancy

    I can’t beleive it !! even so you admit it’s wrogn you still refuse to correct your mistake ! you are not crazy ! you just stupid.

    wonder why nobody want to read your wikipedia cut and paste article.

    • Admin (Max)

      Dear Nancy,
      as I have tried to explain in the Memo, I’m not changing a document. Anyone can read the correction. The problem is what is allowed to change and where do I draw the line. If my readers demand of me to forge a document, do I have to do it?
      But thank you anyway.

  3. Kiera

    Certainly you have lost many of your loyal readers.

    After one month i come back to your site to tell you this, and i still see you standing on the same position of arrogance.

  4. Ben

    You are pathetic, this is what you are.

    I was one of your daily readers, not anymore since you are a big jerk, i came back only to leave this comment.

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