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Memo 23. May 2010

Posted by on May 23, 2010 in Memos | 4 comments

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The memo is a new feature from Nesseq and will be published irregularly. The task of the memos is to add new ideas or points to already published posts.

Hemp has been alongside humanity for thousands of years.
And not all the sorts were certainly not without THC content.
Still humanity has come to where it is, albeit the people smoking the weed.
The prohibition is only about a hundred years old and the serious war on drugs is only 30-40 years and doesn’t show
any signs of success.
After hemp was declared illegal it became quasi legal again for some time. When the American needed it most, during WWII!
With the end of the war it became illegal again and remained so until this very day.
It is still forbidden to plant the hemp although every one, unbiased, can understand the potential of hemp.
And to hell with the minority of the dope heads. Everyone is drawn to his/her kind of addiction.

It is senseless to forbid hemp just to prevent a minority from using it as a drug.

A Remark to the Military and Universities

The Military and the Universities have all the resources and the responsibility to work out alternative ways to fight Climate Change.

To ignore their possibilities is not an option. Not even for an Individual in society, but certainly not for such mighty institutions as the military or universities. Both could build a TOTEM System without any delay or difficulty!
“You got the possibilities, you got the responsibility!”

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