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MEMO 18-8-2010

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In the last comments to the post the Fundamentals of Ecology, Anna Brown tells me to shut down the comment section and to stop playing games with the people. Before that someone named Taika complained, that I disregard my readers and don’t bother to answer any questions.

This is not true. The truth is, that I really try to answer all direct questions. Someone called Anna, probably the same Anna Brown, wrote me in the same post, that I sell propaganda. The Nasa couldn’t know the temperatures in the year 1860! All is a fake. What am I suppose to answer to this? It is a matter of believe. If a fervent believer in god is discussing god with a fervent non-believer, the discussion will be heated but pointless. If someone believes that the Climate Change will happen he will believe it and might be surprised to find out in the future that it didn’t happen. On the other hand, there are people who fervently deny Climate Change and might find out in the future that they were wrong. But since they deny Climate Change they did not get prepared for such a situation.

My stance is, and everyone can check it out, that there is a possibility of a Climate Change and the only responsible thing to do is to get prepared to a worst-case scenario if it happens. If the climate will not change after all nothing is lost.

So, I ask the reader, what should I answer someone who accuses me of selling propaganda. Or in other words, that I am lying. I leave it to the readers to make up their own mind to such accusations. Anyone can believe what s/he wants but to deny that everything is possible, that the climate can’t change is to live in an illusion. If we regard Earth history, we can see that the climate has been changing constantly and there is no reason to assume it has come to a point where it can’t change anymore.

The only responsible thing to do is to get prepared for such a situation! And this is what this website is all about. The task of Nesseq is not to discuss whether or not climate change is happening or not. The task is too find solutions in a global network for such a terrible eventuality.

Another point I want to make clear is, that  if I mention celebrities, like Paul McCartney and Chelsea Clinton, and get hateful comments I will not approve them anymore!

If someone is hateful of me I will publish the comment, no matter what. I leave it to my readers to agree or disagree with those comments.


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