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Memo 15.8.2010

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I am neither a physicist, nor a politician and I am not a poet. But still I give it a try today!


Stephen Hawking, the famous physicist claims in his new book The Grand Design that God was not needed to spark creation. In the Times magazine Eureka he said:

“Because there is a law such as gravity, the Universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the Universe exists, why we exist.”

Now, I am not a physicist, but as far as I know are the Black Holes in the universe are sucking up matter which comes too close. Even light can’t escape the gravitational force of the Black Holes. It is also believed, that the Black Holes are a sort of gateway to another Universe. If that’s so, why would it not be a possibility that the Black Holes simply transfer matter from one universe to the other. The conclusion is, where nothing is at one moment there is something in the next moment.

All these are nice theories, but they don’t really answer one question, is there a God?


A question for a Geo-physicist. If you meet one, ask him and let us all know the answer. The oil which pumped from the intestines of earth, must leave there empty space. But this can’t be so. Empty space tends to fill up with something else. In this case most probably with water. Could this cause earthquakes? After the Hoover Dam was built tremors could be felt for some time. The website reports of man made earthquakes. Why should the filling up of the oil cavities be totally neutral and not cause earthquakes?

Another question. The point is, whether seawater is filling the former oil depots? The rise of the Sea Level, which is estimated to be 1.8 mm per year in the last century, would be even higher! Millions of gallons of sea water vanish underground and don’t add to the rise.
Anyway, whether this is true or not, the displaced millions of gallons are at the light of day, where they don’t belong! And no one can tell, if it does in no way disturb a balance in nature.

TOTEM System

I am constantly asked how to build a TOTEM System. There is not  much more to say, then in the page Total Energy Modulation.
The trick of the TOTEM concept is, to keep the ways as short as possible. Every meter more needs more energy to build and on the way more energy is lost. The Inherent Energy of the location is the shortest possible energy source.

So to find out, what the IE’s of your home and neighborhood are. And start utilizing them. But be wary not to disturb the balance of nature! Just take what is needed.


As an Israeli I am understandably very interested in the politics of president Obama and how he wants to re conciliate with the Islamic world. It is not up to me to give advice but one little question keeps popping into my mind. The Moslems just finished the Ramadan. The Ramadan is closing with a 3 day feast, called Eid el’fitr.

Did Mr. Obama celebrate this feast with the Moslems? Just as he celebrates Channukkah with the Jews?
I think such a gesture would send the right message to the Islamic and the rest of the world.


The poem just popped into my head for some time and I thought I publish it. I hope you will like it.

500 times

I’ve been around the world 500 times.
I have seen it all and I’ve seen nothing yet.

I’ve seen joy and grieve and love and hate.
But I have seen nothing yet.

I have lived amongst murderers and thieves.
And I tried to be a saint, but I don’t know what I am.

I’ve seen violence prevailing and men eating man.
Woman not much better, just a little different.

I’ve been looking for a place, where man has not left a trace.
But I have not found it yet!

I loved a woman and then another one.
I have already lost the count.

I’ve seen men chasing women and women chasing men.
And the wheel of life turning faster everyday.

I climbed the mountains 500 times.
Above the clouds the world was peaceful.

I sailed the seven seas 500 times and I saw the waters rising.
Washing away the stains human beings have left behind.

I saw nature claiming back her dues!
She has lost her love for us.

Now my journey comes to an end.
And I’ve seen nothing yet!

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  1. Polly

    Stay with this guys, you’re hlepnig a lot of people.

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    Pretty good article. I just came across your website and wanted to tell that I have really enjoyed reading your opinions. Anyway I’ll be coming back and I hope you post again soon.

  5. Benjamin

    I’ve been around the world 500 times.
    I have seen it all and I’ve seen nothing yet.

    oh man, take my advice, PLEASE

  6. Skagen

    Just found your site on google and I think it is a shame that you are not ranked higher since this is a terrific post. To change this I decided to save your site to my RSS reader and I will try to mention you in one of my posts because you truly deserv more readers when publishing content of this quality.

  7. Teodora

    Thank you Max, the lyric is very beautiful and wise as is all your other work. Hopefully others with the same passion and drive will pick up the baton and lead us into a more sustainable age. Peace

  8. Maria

    Wow, you are a good writer, your song need some music.

    like :

    I’ve been around the world 500 times. awohaaaa tin tin
    I have seen it all and I’ve seen nothing yet. awohaaaa ton ton

  9. Janet

    You seems like a very nice person, nice reading matterial.

    OH : i thought all Doctors are weirdos, well … you make no exepction 🙂

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