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Memo 06.07.2010

Posted by on Jul 6, 2010 in Memos | 19 comments

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1. In our last posts Mr. Brad Pitt and Paul McCartney were mentioned.  Some of the comments took their freedom to criticize too far.
Whatever those Gentlemen did in this context was honorable.
The one spoke out on a sensitive issue and compared Climate Change to Holocaust deniers.
That Paul McCartney is a musician and not a learned specialist means nothing. We live, at least in Western Europe and North America, in a society, where the people who vote are all just like Paul McCartney!
While Sir Paul only spoke out, Brad Pitt put his own money into a project and still people are critical of Mr. Pitt.
And they mean it personal, against both!
Brad Pitt doesn’t look as good and is a bad actor and Paul McCartney still writes stupid love song. But what’s wrong with that?
Besides acting bad and writing mediocre music, this two celebrities actually do something. And that is more then most of us can say.
Although more could be done by both of them. With less money, both of them could become members of an Loan Guaranty Fund. With the clout of them the establishment of an LGF shouldn’t be a problem.

2. As it happened some people from the Philippines, Bangladesh and India asked me to help them with the projects I suggest here in the Nesseq website. I wish I could, but I don’t have money and no professional supporters, such as engineers an economists.

What I can suggest to all who want to establish such projects. You have to find the specialists where you live and start doing it in the most simple way. Go to a scrape yard and get there the alternators to produce electricity, you might find there all kind of raw materiel.

If you need my advice, just get in touch with me. I will gladly help.

3. Eric Chivvy on the post Religion and Climate Change says: “We share a very deep reverence for life on earth, whether that life was created by God or evolved over billions of years, it exists, is sacred to all of us, and is being endangered by human activity.”

I want to go one step further and say: “God is life and if we destroy his creation, we destroy god on earth!”

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  1. Smokeless Cigarettes

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  8. Ralph Poker MD

    I’m not sure that I agree 100% with your blog post, but I did find it intriguing.

  9. Kiera

    Celebrties should stick to what they do best. This obviously isn’t this man’s strong suit.

    Wealth does not make you smart just as poverty does not make you dumb.

  10. Jason S.

    These luvvies and celebs – why are they predominantly so left wing?

    It’s very easy for THEM to say they believe in this or that, and that everyone else shoud cut this, or that to “save the planet”, whilst indulging in all the things they say we shouldn’t, manyfold.

    Hypocrites, all of them, and apparently ignorant, too, without even bothering to look at the science and growing opposing views.

    They don’t live in the real world, and can buy enoguh to salve their consciences, but even so I don’t see THEM giving away their riches, or curbing THEIR lifestyle to “save the planet” (which doesn’t need saving, thank you).

    I really have no time for them at all.

  11. Amir Koch

    Max .. and Max .. and Max, i am very disappointed:(

    McCartney is a SKUNK and a hypocrite, you should see his house in Sussex, yeah, Sussex, one of the most expensive places to live in the UK.

    Do us all a big favour Macca boy, Shut Right Up, you are an overpaid, ukalele playing idiot, how do you expect us to take you seriously when you got taken in by that one legged madwoman who came hopping along after your money.

    There is one consolation though, you make me laugh!!


    Hee hee hee hee

  12. Andrew Lloyd

    Dr. Max, I read your article and i respect your view, but come on dude, when Paul McCartney buys a sailboat and a bicycle, and gives up being a frequent flyer and motorist, perhaps we MIGHT believe that he takes his theory seriously.

  13. Nadia Klien

    It’s not often we get a person with a shoe size, hat size and I.Q. all the same. And a Brit to boot!

    Congratulations, moron, you’ve done as much now to destroy American-British relations as Duh-1.

    And you didn’t even have to be an affirmative action Hawvud student to get so stupid.

    Brad and his help is very appreciated 🙂

  14. Nadia Klien

    Max, why you so in love with this Paul McCartney creature ??

    I’m thinking that Sir Paul left out that we also “needed” the Al Gore sex scandal so that we wouldn’t go without a summer of “disgraced sex poodle Democrat millionaires” who want to bilk Americans with their junk-science global warming hoax.

  15. Maxim Kolorov

    I think a quote from the great Alice Cooper is appropriate here:

    If you’re listening to a rock star in order to get your information on who to vote for, you’re a bigger moron than they are. Why are we rock stars? Because we’re morons.

  16. Henry Holmes

    Paul McCartney … He is an ASS.

  17. Nancy S.

    I guess Paul really is the walrus after all! (Kookoo kachoo). He should be comforted by the knowledge that part of the government’s advance emergency preparations for spills in the Gulf was to single out walruses for protection. God knows why. They don’t seem smart enough to be worth saving.

    On the other hand, maybe if you played Paul’s comments backward, we might learn that he actually said “global warming is a fraud”… right after the “I buried Paul” part.

  18. Sarah Naxis

    Climate change must be the equivalent of “a wizard did it.”

  19. Michael Graham

    Hello my Dear Max,

    How dare this bloody idiot “Paul McCartney” suggest that we “needed” the BP oil spill for any reason? And this guy’s supposed to be a “humanitarian“? Tell that to the people who’ve lost their way of life down there, Mr. McCartney.

    Tell that to the all the dead/dying fish, birds, etc washing up on the shorelines, and the injured or dead dolphins and whales floating in the ocean. Tell it to the local fisherman who apparently committed suicide over the oil spill. Tell it to the families of the 11 men who lost their lives on the oil rig.

    I guess to him, though, we “needed” the oil spill simply because the “fake science” of the AGW crowd is being fully and thoroughly exposed at long last.

    Maybe one day he’ll explain to us how “climate change” caused the oil spill, right after he gets done taking cheap shots at former President Bush about not knowing what a library was, in spite of facts to the contrary.

    What a despicable human being.

    p.s. i have no problems with Brad Pitt. he is really trying to help some how.

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