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Meat Consumption and Climate Change

Posted by on May 11, 2010 in Climate Change | 33 comments

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Once upon a time, not so long ago, meat was a luxury.

Perhaps the rich and noble could afford to eat meat every day but the common people had meat only once a week or just at holy days.

Today everything has changed. Meat and meat products like sausages are a every day diet. With all the implications connected to it.

Such as Environmental degradation and Health problems of the public.

In the past the diet was much more balanced.

Less meat and more vegetables. Today it seems to be exactly the opposite. More meat and less vegetables.

Perhaps one of the reasons for the way meat is consumed today is rather a psychological one. The more meat is eaten the richer the person feels.

As bad as the situation is today it is going to be even worse in the future.

When 7 billion people demand so much meat as today how much more meat will have to be produced when world population will reach 9 billion?

Some scientists proclaim that the solution to provide the population with enough proteins will be cockroaches and worms.

In some parts of the world eating Cockroaches and Worms and Ants are for a long time already part of their culture.

This part of the world is mostly in Eastern Asia. But since I am part of the western world I suggest to eat less meat and the globe and your doctor will love you for it!

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  2. Dwight Clizbe

    This whole issue with BP is chaos. The amount of spilling into the Gulf of Mexico sprung up by 1000’s of drums Wednesday right after an undersea droid ostensibly hit the containment cap that has been catching oil from BP’s Macondo well. I question how much desolation this entire catastrophe is going to cost the sea when it’s all over

  3. Dorothea Vanalphen

    Great, thanks for sharing this blog article.Thanks Again. Cool.

  4. Dana

    YUUUKKKK .. so discusting you are with your theories

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    the federal government would certainly push hard to assure British petroleum repaid businesses together with individuals for lost income with the oil spill.

    • Admin (Max)

      I hope you are right. Still the damage to nature is irrevocable!

      • Nanai

        You are a very sick person who is using climate change to push his secret agendas to eliminate the cockroaches socity.

        Shame on you.

        p.s. i love your article, great work.
        people see cockroaches and they get blind to your article.

  6. Mark Vice

    I love it!

  7. Megan Tady

    Max, i think it is probably not a bad idea to suggest unambiguously that if more people used less animal products in their diet than they do today, we would be able to sustain a larger number of people on earth for an indefinite period of time, or afford those who are here a better lifestyle.

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  9. Ovel Inad

    I’m going to coat-tail on what “Very Evolved” said… The way you connect to your audience is… Know who you are writing to. You need to pick a Target Audience and stick to them. You wouldn’t write to an audience of 14yr olds the same way you would write to an audience of 60yr olds.

  10. Bennie

    This is the most disgusting article i have ever read !! this is very yukky, and the photo you have is even yukkier.

    i hate you for ruining my day dude.

    • manx

      Sorry for ruining your day. But the facts are facts. When the world population will grow to be 9 billion people, we all will have to change our eating habits. Meat consumption goes hand in hand with environment degradation. Better to eat less meat today then to eat insects in the future!
      Bennie, read the other articles to feel better.

  11. Brandon

    I usualy don’t comment, or never comment, i read and i move on, BUT in your case i just can’t handle it, you are getting on my fu***ing nerves pal. very much !!

    How the hell this guy (the author, you Max Nadel) know that will be no more meat and we should eat cockroaches and worms and shit because the apocalypse is HERE, oh i am scared. owaaa

    You know what, i don’t give a damn about this climate change theory, its just to scare people, the same as the war on terror, people should be afraid of something, oh becauseful terror is there, climate change is there. decades ago was teh cold war and the soviet, now its your turn !!

    i am just wondering whats will be after this climate change ?? maybe we should be scared of vampires or werewolfs or maybe the cockroaches will take over the world and we have to eat meat so we can fight the cockroaches.

    what amaze me mister, that you are dedicating your site and your time for this stupid nonsene crap climate change and punch of stupid people are running after what you saying and agreeing with you, go and get a LIFE pal, maybe you are nice guy, but you are brain washed with this theories.

    understand one thing, this is earth and season comes and going, in years and ages, its getting warmer or colder, its very normal and its been like this for millions of years, end of the world is not near, and this world will never end, we will ends because its a cycle.

    dude you are wierd, cockroaches ?? what we will do the vegeterian people ?

    I just wasted 10 precious minutes of my time on you or maybe not, i hope my free advice will take you in the right path, and you will stop what you doing !!!

    • manx

      Brandon, you say it is only a cycle and perhaps you are right. But if it is a cycle the climate will change. Be it only because the nothing is static in this world. Even the universe is expending. So why shouldn’t the climate change? Perhaps the window of climate will close in a couple of decades and a new climatic era will replace the present one. How do you know whether this changed climate will be better for us humans? You don’t know! If there is only a slight possibility that the climate is changing then we would better get prepared for a worst-case scenario. If you deny the possibility of a climate change and it will happen, what are you going to tell your children?
      The point of the article was to encourage people to eat less meat instead of eating insects in the future. What’s wrong with this?
      And don’t worry about me getting a life. It rather seems to me that you are running away from your life!
      Please don’t visit my site again if you feel you waste your precious time! Visit a porn site instead.

  12. Someone Important

    Get a REAL JOB …… J O B !!

    wondering if i am crying or laughing, Cockroaches and Worms and climate change.

    you should get out more to the real world and get big car and stop recycling and hell with this climate change.

  13. Chu Zen

    Insects are very resilient since they reproduce in enormous numbers. Besides I’m encouraging people to eat insects as a food supplement not as their only source of protein.

    We should meet up and have a nice dish together.

  14. Matthew D.

    Eat insects? Disgusting, you say. But it is only in some cultures that the consumption of insects is considered unacceptable. In many parts of the world these little creatures are seen as a useful and nutritious food supplement. Africans eat protein-packed ants, worms, termites and grasshoppers. The Japanese export silk-worm pupae as a foodstuff. And Mexico trades tinned larva with the US.

    But let me say : this is have nothing to do with climate change !! and there is othe ways to find meat consumption.

    • Jacques K

      Just read the article… haha, really funny. And then I saw your comment on Africans eating bugs and sh*t.

      OK, I’m a South African – and I’ve never met or seen anyone who eats bugs… not even the black people who live here. You’ll probably get that in Northern Africa, definitely NOT the entire Africa.

      Just so you know 😉

  15. Nicolas

    Hey Max, PETA will be very angry about you, and about your ideas, PETA says eating cockroaches is “gratuitously cruel.” The park, looking equally ridiculous, defends itself by saying cockroaches are nutritious, high in protein and fat free – as if nutrition will be a factor in some 18-year-old’s decision to eat a 3 inch long cockroach.

    Getting upset over people eating cockroaches is as ridiculous as getting upset over people eating shrimp. And if the problem is that the bugs are being eaten alive, well, is there a more humane way to kill a bug than to crush it, which is what happens when you chew it up? PETA would get much further if it stuck to its message about the cruelty of animal treatment in the fur and commercial meat production industries and left silly stunts like this alone.

  16. Danny Boy

    You are very WRONG, Consuming live roaches might increase risks of gastrointestinal illness and allergies.

    Eating cockroaches is a bad idea, and this have nothing to do with climate change, you are just a fanatic about this ideas, soon you will say table and chairs and leather and shoes and animals are causing the climate change (which is still in theory).

    There is no climate change, and people don’t need to eat cockroaches so you can be happy about your theories.

    Here is another theory for you, we can travel in time also.

    • manx

      Danny Boy,
      once you say that Climate Change is still a theory and then you say there is no Climate Change. Once you admit there is a possibility and then you deny the possibility.
      Still if there is only a slim chance that the climate might change we all are obligated to do everything to get prepared for such a situation. If lessening the meat consumption might mitigate the danger of a Climate Change then we should eat less meat.
      About traveling in time, when your children or their children will suffer from a changed climate in the future they will want to travel back in time to kick our butts. Especially the ones of people like you who deny such a possibility.

  17. Cameron

    I think it is probably not a bad idea to suggest unambiguously that if more people used less animal products in their diet than they do today, we would be able to sustain a larger number of people on earth for an indefinite period of time, or afford those who are here a better lifestyle.

  18. Dr. Andy H.

    I Agree and Disagree … With demand for meat increasing worldwide, experts worry that this increased livestock production will mean more gases like methane and nitrous oxide heating up the atmosphere. In China, for instance, people are eating double the amount of meat they used to a decade ago. but the idea of eating Cockroaches and Worms for asians are very normal, but for us the westerns is not that normal 🙂 🙂

  19. Casey D.

    Hi Max, The experts said people should eat fewer steaks and hamburgers. Reducing global red meat consumption by 10 percent, they said, would cut the gases emitted by cows, sheep and goats that contribute to global warming.

    If people knew that they were threatening the environment by eating more meat, they might think twice before ordering a burger.

  20. David

    Besides the presence of a cockroach is a serious infringement of the rules of any hygiene, its consumption is strictly prohibited by the Jewish religion, like all the insects, the cockroach is not KOSHER.

  21. Nancy

    DAMN .. this is disgusting, i am going to throw up.

    • manx

      Fight Climate Change and eat less meat!

    • Nicolas

      In places like Africa and Other Eastern countries. They are a excellent source of protein and alot of royal in other countries eat them covered in chocolate.

      Sounds very YUMMMMMMY to me 🙂

    • Matthew D.

      I forgot to say : When I was growing up they were easy to find around the farm. Termites were my favourite. They’d fly around the open fire and their wings would shrivel up in the heat and then they’d fall to the ground. We boys would gather up the little bodies and sprinkle them with salt to make a very tasty, crispy snack.

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