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max_nesseq-1My Name is Max Nadel and I run the Website

I feel a little awkward talking about me, but my Webmaster Sami thinks I have to do it. The objective is to enable the search engine to connect my name with my website.

Well, I am not going to discuss with Swami Sami the laws of the Internet so I simply comply. But since I have do it anyway, let me exploit the opportunity and let me tell you a little about me and how everything started.

Ever since I was a young man I was interested in Ecology. At that time, I was about 16-17, I had contact with some people who thought the 68 movement was something political. In hindsight I would say, it was an illusion. The other faction in this movement were the hippies, which was also an illusion of a different kind. Anyway, one day we were on the balcony and I started to talk about the damage humanity inflicted on nature. This was the cause to much laughter and ridicule from my comrades. All of whom were much older than me and all of them were academics. I felt shame for being such a fool, which of course was my personal feeling. At about the same time the Club of Rome published the book The Limits of Growth by Donella H. Meadows, Dennis L. Meadows, Jørgen Randers and William W. Behrens III (1)

Being such a specialized publication I did not know about the book, otherwise I would have hit my comrades on the head with it. This incident was not the sole reason, but it was the last straw, and I told the guys from the revolutionary faction to shove their revolution to a place were the sun doesn’t shine. So I went into a kind of a limbo, I didn’t know what I wanted to do in my life.

In 1975 I left Munich in Germany and went to Israel, were I stayed for six years. On my return to Munich in 1981, I learned that the Green Party (2) was established. As I found out later, a lot of my former comrades were involved with this party. I found the whole movement promising but I did not want to engage myself again in any kind of a political movement or party or whatever. I was deeply distrusting the political visions of the 68ers. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something essential was missing. But on the other hand I was also placated, something was happening.

So time passed and in 1986 I came back to Israel and stayed here for a year. I do pride myself to have never have owned a TV set and still two short clips on TV I chanced to see changed my whole life. One was on Israeli TV, it was about a guy who built a windmill in the Golan heights and produced electricity, which he sold to the grid. The other clip was on Lebanese TV and was about how the NASA intends to clean waste water in a Space Station.

Since it costs thousands of dollars to ship one liter water into space, water in space stations have to be recycled. The method shown in the clip was by max_nesseq-jestingmeans of Water Hyacinths (3). The plants are striving on the waste water and are then harvested and fed into a Bio Gas (4) plant.

The Bio Gas is then burnt and electricity is being generated. The problem with this method, as I learned later, was, that Water Hyacinth contain lots of ashes and are difficult to ferment. I also do not remember how the NASA wanted to resolve the CO2 problem. First by exhaling CO2 is produced and also by burning the Bio Gas. But these problems were not on my mind at the beginning.

Right after watching the two clips I had the hunch, that I am onto something but I didn’t know what it was. It took me quiet some time to find out what it was and the results of my reasoning is this website;

I hope you enjoy visiting and that it is informative for you. It would make me more than happy if this website would be the nucleus of a global ecological movement.

Here are two links to articles about me and Although in the first article the old name for my website,, is used.


A final thought about the Greens. The Green Party, how could it be any different, turned out to be a utter failure. What to expect from those people? The prove being, that after 30 years since the beginning of the Green movement, there are still no viable alternative models. Even a popular ecological

philosophy is missing. Not to talk about something as specific as Inherent Energy, the TOTEM (Total Energy Modulation), Communal Co-ops or just plain Co-ops. People are still meeting every year to talk about Climate Change, this year in Doha, and nothing happens.

For further reading:

1. The Limits of Growth

2. Green Party

3. Water Hyacinth

4. Bio Gas



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  1. Keesha Watson

    Your name from now on is Roger , OK. !! and my name is Keesha Watson not Keesha Nadel !!
    and i am not your wife anymore, so please stop bothering me 31:8 with your emails and your phone calls Ezekiel 11L20,

    MAX, I am breaking up with you Proverbs 31:9.

    Your mom lost her good investment of you when you placed her genes in garbage can woman so is reason you are to be homelessness which he must improve his genes’ Proverbs 18:20-21 by Acts13:10-11 , Mathew7:21 , Proverbs 31:8-9, Philippians 4:8, Proverbs 10:24, Act1:8,Ezekiel 18:20, and ,Proverbs 16:20, 1 Corinthians 2:10

    • Max Amiram

      I am glad you came to your senses and are breaking up with me. But you are mistaking I am neither sending you e-mails nor am i phoning you. You promise me never to write me again? Please don’t write me anymore.
      All the best,

      • Roger Watson

        Hello Max, This is Roger, I am Keesha’s Husband Proverbs 18:20-21, I really would like to talk to you about my wife Keesha, do you have a phone number i can contact you with ? this is very important Ezekiel 18:20. hearing your voice will better than posting Corinthians 2:10 here.

        I know you think Corinthians 2:10 that i am not ROGER, but i am ROGER and not KEEESHA. OK, just give me your number.

        • Max Amiram

          Hi Roger,
          this website is about Ecology, Climate Change, Social Change and how to provide human beings jobs. This website is not to treat couples with their troubles. So please look for your wife somewhere else. I have no idea who she is, where she is or how to get in touch with her.
          All the best and if you talk to Keesha tell her not to write anymore comments on my website,

  2. Mr John Lampard

    Fat and White !! Yukky, I prefer Black and SKINNY, nice website by the way, i care a bit about ecology and shit.

  3. Mel Bengochia

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  4. The Truth

    Hey Max Nadel (I know this is one of your many names you have) you are working for the secret agencies and Max Nadel is one of your many names with Barak Obama, and you are spreading your venom into our brains, you moron, we heard you call into a radio show regarding the truth about fukushima, and we heard your big ugly, rat face calling people anti-semites because they RIGHTFULLY ACCUSED IsraHELLof targeting Japan’s fukushima with a nuclear missiles and created the disaster we are seeing unfold today…with the death of the ocean and environment! WE HAVE THE FACT BIG MOUTH, and you have your masters from hell!

    You are nothing but a sociaopathic actress, unbenounced to you, many of us know you people from this climate change business to be nothing but socioopaths hired by the FAKE jewish community who owns the world and hellywood,and are of satan! So listen closely you ugly whore of satan…we know who the FAKE jews are,and their many moronic supporters, as does GOD! TO be and to accuse one of being an anti-semite you ugly satan’cs child, and ugly you are no matter what they hellywood evils make you think…many of you are so ugly, and to think you actually think you are beautiful…hahahahahaha….you know what I’m talking about, and apparently you are as ugly inside as out, with your unfounded and ridiculous accusation…stay off OUR radio show2s, stay our our internet, stop writing your stupid articles about the evil tutem you want to create so you can destroy the world, they ar not for fake jews or fake jew supporters..get it you hound from hell! many of us were listening and reading and hopefull more and more people will learn about what your nadel media agency and their puppets who think highly of themselves for being natural sociopaths…hahahahahaha…your kind are so patheti.

    Yet you think you are special because you are a activist for peace and green climate change….hahahahahaha…many of know what it takes and what your kind are REALLY about your freak! Many of us know what goes on behind the scenes in your pahtetic lives and we know YOU SOLD YOUR SOUL TO satan to get what you have psycho, just like your masters! If we hear you on another radio show or if we see one of your new articles for the GOOD people in this world, we will make usre to call in and post our comments and make you look like the pathetic fool you are!

    Next time you want to throw something as stupid as anti-semite in ones face, make sure you are talking about a REAL jew, EVEN GOD idnetified the fake jews you vile piece of satan’s shit! adn you aupport them psycho! And there is nothing your kind can do to stop the TRUTH biatch! go get a face job, seriously you ugly whore! and so you know…UPDATE: Aarron Nadel´s sister, Max Nadel called into a radio program I was on regarding the Fukushima report (one I never linked here) and disrupted it badly, calling me an anti-semite and blaming it all on North Korea. So I think I know where the North Korea tie in got started. I suggest not considering it.

    ALSO I find it hard to believe the Pentagon would really use warheads from the sunken Kursk, when Russia would have been there guarding it, on top of the fact that the Kursk got hit in the side which left all the missiles completely secure, passcoded, locked down and sunk to the bottom of the ocean, as well as saturated with eawater.

    Why would the Pentagon risk a conflict with Russia by retrieving the warheads to begin with, only to subsequently let them travel an endless cattle trail across the globe and then use them to do the Japan disaster? That does not wash.

    If the excuse is made that they needed un-accounted for warheads to do it, Israel would have gladly provided them. Certainly, if the order to use nukes came from the Pentagon, they would have used their own rather than deal with sunken salvaged Russian garbage that would have been fully passcoded even if brought to working condition.

    GET IT RAT FACE COCKROACH fake jew supporter and vile and wicked piece of WEAK satans shit! Go back to hell Max Nadel, oh wait you will be…soon, GOD is coming for you and your fake jews the rothschilds (BAUERS – GERMAN FOURTH REICH NAZI!) YOu are nothing but a cockroach getting rich off the middle class to poor, how proud you must be….hahahahahaha!

    When they don’t need you anymore, which will come, what good is a friggin actress to anyone…..NO GOOG, good for nothing,,,get it…they will do away with those useless eaters like yourself Mr. Great Climate change Activist : Max Fucken Nadel!

  5. Obonekunobe

    Max NADEL: what must “I’ say tow you, Patrick Stewart saying this woud you understand, the Bulite Eye, maby um looking at it different and the question is what is it, when looking at a, TV program when some one shoots a, fake gun; when my eye, looks at the built being shoot the bulite pass from the tv in tow my eye, nevefr leaving a, injured mark,what is is it are the barrel ove a, long gun will rye tow fit in tow my eye the tip ove it ha sthis happen befor? Yes: Max ??

    Your friend: Obonekunobe

    p.s. have we have met before in the famous trip to Angola with the UN ladies and the drinks, i told you about my xwife, i dont remembering very clear because i was drunk a lot, but in the photo here i am veri shure its you.?

    • Max

      Well Obonekunobe,
      there must be a mistake. I never been to Angola or any other country in Africa. But I seem to remember, that you already, in the beginning of my website, wrote to me. The rest of your mail is incomprehensible to me, perhaps you care to elaborate.
      All the best,

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    Dear Max, Think about it, and remember me in your way up when you make lots of money.

    • Max

      Hey Garcinia,
      I will have to look into it. although I really don’t know how my concept of the TOTEM System could help fat people. If it does, don’t worry, I will get in touch with you.
      Thanks anyway and all the best,

  7. Britney

    mmmm you are hot, this is what my friend Angie said 🙂 nice pic by the way

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