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Man at War with Nature

Posted by on Aug 15, 2010 in Ecology | 5 comments

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There are people, some comments in this blog bear witness, deny Climate Change categorically.

Be it as it is. Either the climate is changing or not. The slim chance that it might happen should be reason enough to get prepared for a worst-case scenario. If the climate will not change after all, nothing will be lost. We will just have paid a kind of insurance fee, to be prepared for all eventualities.

But this should not concern us in this post. The topic is the behavior of us humans towards nature. This behavior can only be called a state of war against nature. Just look at the devastation of the forests. Although the so called illegal deforestation has declined in the past years the forest is still only regarded as a never ending supplier of timber for human beings. Regardless of the important role of the forest as a main source of Photosynthesis.

The other picture shows how a healthy forest has to look like!

The forest is only one example. The recent BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is another example. The list of devastation is endless. We only pay attention to the tip of the Iceberg of the ecological catastrophes. The little ones are not even noticed anymore, the media only reports the major incidents.

Still the destruction of nature is not to be overseen. Mankind regards nature just as something to be exploited. Nature is the modern time Proletariat! An entity without rights, which can be exploited without remorse.

This a very short sighted way of looking at nature. Nature, so the theory, strives for Balance. This tendency of nature is profoundly disturbed by human beings. First of all by the sheer size of world population, which will grow by 30%, from 7 billion to 9 billion in 2050, and the regardless behavior of mankind to this balance.

As human beings we are confronted with the unknown. How delicate this balance on earth is, is an unknown factor. It took earth about 4.5 billion years to achieve the balance in which humanity could blossom and reach this stage of existence. But now humanity is disturbing the balance of nature and a Climate Change becomes a distinct possibility. Professor Frank Fenner believes that humanity becomes extinct within the next 100 years. Perhaps this prognosis is too pessimistic but it is still a possibility. And why not? It has to be kept in mind, that if a dog bites the hand that feeds him, the dog will be put to sleep.

And if humanity bites the hand that feeds it, nature or evolution, just might get rid of us humans in order to reestablish the balance!

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  1. Marietta Peles

    A lot of what you state is supprisingly precise and that makes me ponder the reason why I had not looked at this in this light before. Your article really did turn the light on for me as far as this specific topic goes.

  2. niewaznejak

    Fantastic! Thank you run this page!

    • Arsyil

      about the likely costs and betfeins of action and inaction. It should not hold hearings to attempt to intimidate scientists or to substitute ideological judgments for scientific ones. We urge our elected leaders to work together to focus the nation on what the science is telling us, particularly with respect to impacts now occurring around the country. Already, there is far more carbon in the air than at any time in human history, with more being generated every day. Climate change is underway and the severity of the risks we face is compounded by delay. We look to you, our representatives, to address the challenge of climate change, and lead the national response. We and our colleagues are prepared to assist you as you work to develop a rational and practical national policy to address this important issue.I discovered that via a :In addition to choking off funding for the EPA, Congress needs to stop taxpayer funding of Mann et al.Mann et al. try old lie on new CongressMiddle ground anyone? Bart?

  3. Kym

    Thanks for this nice read, even though it took quite a large time to complete reading. (English is not my native tongue) May I ask where you got your information from? Thanks! Kym

    • Admin (Max)

      Hi Kym,
      thank you for your kind comment. To answer your question, Climate Change concerns me already more then 25 years. This is enough time to gather information and to think about them.
      All the best,

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