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Low-Tech vs. High-Tech in the fight against Climate Change

Posted by on Apr 27, 2010 in Climate Change | 11 comments

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The eruption of a rather small volcano in Iceland in April 2010 showed the world the susceptibility of High tech to small incidents.

As for this incident it just caused a lot of inconvenience for the passengers and a couple of hundred millions in losses for the airlines and the economy. As bad as that is it is it but gives us a taste of things to come should the Climate Change.

In this case this rather minor incident has to be multiplied by an, as yet, unknown factor.

What will happen when the level of the seas will rise considerably as a result of the Climate Change?

What the eruption of the volcano shows very clearly is the susceptibility of what is called high – tech to any change in the normal parameter.

As Murphy’s Law teaches us, every thing which can go wrong will eventually go wrong. And the more complicated a technology becomes the more likely it is that it will go wrong. The results can be seen with the eruption of a rather small volcano in Iceland.

We at Nesseq do not advocate against Hi-tech, we only want to suggest more diversity and to reintroduce Low-tech, such as the TOTEM System.

A further advantage of Low-tech is that Low-tech is more appropriate for human beings all over the world!

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  1. Julia

    This site really has all the info I wanted concerning this
    subject and didn’t know who to ask.

  2. Zane

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    A theme like yours with a few simple tweeks would really make my blog stand
    out. Please let me know where you got your theme. Kudos

    • Max

      Hi Zane,
      thank you for your heads up. I appreciate it.
      I use WordPress and the themes are to be down loaded there.
      All the best,

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  4. Rueben Rekas

    hi it is my first comment on this web and in the begining I would like to thank for the great information, which I were able to find in this and all previous posts , it really helped me a lot. I will definitely add this blog on my google reader 😉 Also, I would like to ask – don’t you mind if I will quate some information from your website because I am writing articles for the Hub pages, Ezine and other articles directories (this is my part time job)? It would really help me with some of mine articles. Of course, I will mention your blog title or URL (not all articles directories allows URL’s , so I can’t 100% promise that you will get a direct backlink to your website).

    • manx

      Hi Rueben, thank you very much for your kind comment. Of course you can quote my blog. And I understand about the URL. But if you quote me, please let me know the blog you did so.
      Thank you very much.

  5. Someone

    This all is “stupid theories” with nice sicense based facts.

    • manx

      Dear Someone,
      of course it is all theory and nothing else. Scientific proof can only be given after the event. So we have a problem! Since the probability of a changing climate exists, no one can deny it, so it would be more than prudent to change our way of live.
      We, at Nesseq, talk about it and we offer some ideas how to meet the challenge.
      Allow me an advise. Don’t believe science all they tell you. After all, the situation we are in is the result of blindly believing in science. All the technology today is the sum of science. But a viable solution, as the TOTEM, science does not offer us.
      Show me one sustainable university, where alternative technology and energy is being utilized? A university which is self sufficient.
      If any one knows about such a university, please let me know.
      All the best and keep visiting our website.
      Max Nadel

      • manx

        By the way, you wrote “nice sicense based facts”. You probably meant: “with no scientific based facts”.
        Don’t worry, I wrote the title of the post Earth Day as Eart Day. Happens to everyone!

  6. hello

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  7. Carrie K.

    Low-tech is NO good, Advocates of geoengineering, or manipulating climatic elements in order to slow climate change, have suggested mimicking this cooling effect by spewing sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere. One of the flaws in their argument, in addition to the need for an 18-mile-long vertical hose, is that sulfur dioxide is not all fun and cooling games. The gas also causes acid rain and wears away the ozone layer, a key barrier to the sun’s rays.

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