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Limits of Money

Posted by on Mar 11, 2011 in Sustainability | 3 comments

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Just like in real life, things are coming an going in waves. The water builds up and at the highest point it breaks and declines. This is true for most situations in life.

And this wave is also to be seen in history. Mighty empires have emerged and have vanished, and their Monetary System (1) collapsed as well. Not necessarily the economy, only the money (tary) system. In North-America, the immigrants issued their own money to be independent from the money of the motherland England.

The American Revolution brought sovereignty and all the while the economy flourished and kept on blooming. Except for some hard times during the Depression in the last century. But all together, the American economy has come a long way. America is still considered the wealthiest country in the world. Exept, perhaps, for some mini-states with oil or other important resources. But the American way of life is not transferable to the whole world.

Every era has a beginning, a peak and, what is called, the Post-era. The money(tary) era is now at the peak. No one can deny it. There were never as many billionaers at the same time on earth as now.

The standart of living has not only increased in the 1.World but all over the world. But this era will soon come to an end. It is simply not sustainable! One of the reasons is, that with all the the many billionaers, also the public debt have skyrocketed.

The public debt, govermental and private, is an essential component of this monetary system. To pay off the debt and keep the standard of living, the economy must grow. Therefore, a controlled inflation is not as bad as deflation.

The solution would be to grow horizontaly instead of vertically. Today our monetary target course is the highest profit in the shortest time. This is vertical thinking. The horizontal variation would be to provide all people on earth with the means to lead a sustainable life. This garantees that a deflation will be avoided. Also the profits wouldn’t really suffer.

It might be a little slower and the peaks will be lower, but the market will grow! To be exact, the market will be 9 billion people. As opposed to today, when the majority of the world population is deprived from the same consumtion level as the rich people in the 1. World.

Sustainability is just another word for the post-monetary era. Sustainability is the challenge of the future. The all encompasing concentration on the monetary yield, is the driving force. As though other qualities of life, as unpolluted air, water and soil are of less importance than money. In order to earn money, the air, water, soil, the oceans and the forests can be polluted and destroyed.

That this is not a viable way for the society of the future is easy to see. This is not to say, that money will not be needed in a sustainable world. How will business be done, with the help of sea shells? This would be impossible. Sustainability does not mean a turn about and back into the past.

But it does limit the money to the obvious task it has. As a way of measuring the worth of an item, either for sale or to buy. The limits of money can be seen clearly when it comes to investments without cash return, such as Renaturation projects. Which will be very important in a sustainable society.

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  1. Monex

    Now those same officials are talking about pumping more money into the system to stimulate growth..Risky Targets.And theya re not alone Six months ago the chief economist of the International Monetary Fund Olivier Blanchard suggested that raising inflation targets to 4 percent from 2 percent wouldna t be too risky..This sort of talk must grate on the nerves of our trading partners China India Russia and others who have accumulated pyramids of non-yielding Treasury debt. The belief among policy makers and financial markets in the possibility of this sort of fine-tuning is preposterous but it is the slender thread on which remaining investment and business confidence rests..The breakdown of the monetary system will be chaotic.

  2. Gwyn Ivory

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  3. Tomislav

    Hallo, sehr anschaulicher Blog Beitrag. Grüße aus Berlin

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