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Tree growing out of streetToday I want to introduce a new category in this website. It is called Kids of the World. I don’t think that the children of today are heard, what they think about the ecological situation. The young people must be given a platform where they can express their feelings, after all its their future!

Our guest author today is Ana-Maria Anghel from Bukarest/Rumania. Ana is 15 years old and attending school. She wants to become a lawyer and writer. The opinion expressed in this article is solely of the author.

Earth. The only planet within the whole universe that we as the human specie refer to as ‘home’. Undoubtedly, it is the greatest privilege to live in such an almost incredible environment; where both our basic necessities such as food and water, as well as our human-natured wants, including clothing or even phones, are satisfied with use of the numerous resources this planet continuously has and is providing us with. With similar doubtlessness, the human race, supposedly the most superior race as well as that of highest intelligence, does not appreciate the various offered natural facilities nor do we fully comprehend the way we are the major cause of this extraordinary planet’s deterioration. Due to our self-centerdness, our basically humanistic instinct of greed and desire for more, as well as the never-ending longing for larger industries and profit-maximization, we continuously keep destroying our earth through various processes. We have now reached a particular point in time where we are speeding up the destruction of our planet by causing so many environmental issues; with perhaps one of the major problems we are now facing being climate change, and more specifically global warming.

Climate change refers to the alteration of general weather patterns throughout an extended period of time. Within recent years global warming has been the most considerable and possibly most harmful climate change our planet has had to suffer. Despite the fact that biotic processes as well as other factors such as volcanic eruptions do affect climate change in general, human activity has been the main reason for variation in solar radiation, and therefore of global warming. As it is very well known, the excess of carbon dioxide emissions, methane, water vapor as well as nitrous oxide, or “green house gases” as they are more commonly referred to within this particular topic, have began to form a blanket-like layer within the top of our atmosphere. Naturally, this considerable increase of such emissions has been and still is affecting the once relatively steady solar radiation intake of planet earth, by basically confining heat within the atmosphere. Unmistakably, human activities such as producing various items with the use of factories, or simply using one’s car as a mean of transportation, cause emissions of carbon dioxide alongside innumerable other toxic gases to escalate, therefore causing air pollution; not merely affecting flora and fauna in general, but also accentuating the severity of global warming.

It is important to realize that we, as the only creatures with the actual power to alter the austerity of this particular problem, are barely conscious of what this issue may evolve into. How can such an enormous section of this world’s seven billion human beings not be aware of the continuously melting glaciers in the alpine regions, of the ice sheets in Greenland or of the majority of the arctic sea? How can we be so cold-hearted as to simply not care of the endangered lives of so many species such as polar bears and penguins? It is plainly inhumane to neglect such species and basically abolish them from the face of this earth due to the fact that we do not want to ride a bus alongside other people or simply since we desire to open extra one hundred factories. All creatures on this earth have as much of a right as we do to live in their own habitat. It has taken thousands upon thousands of years for these species to As the Sun setsactually adapt to their environment, therefore meaning that the alterations we are causing in their habitat is potentially changing nature in its entirety, in that particular region. Furthermore, researchers have also been observing a relatively noticeable increase within general precipitation as well as snowfall patterns, worldwide. If this particular alteration is currently occurring, is it not quite obvious that weather conditions will continue to worsen in the future? Based on scientific hypotheses, if we continue at the same rate we are going at now, these changes in weather will result in more and drastic hurricanes as well as storms, therefore indicating that global warming will not only affect plant and animal species forever, but that soon enough humans will be impacted as well. Sea levels will rise, our fresh water supply will decrease to unimaginable levels, and numerous people will be harshly affected by natural disasters. All of these horrendous happenings will surely occur, unless we begin to think about our environment now. We must prove to this planet, along with all its creatures and to ourselves that we are the most intelligent specie; capable enough to be aware of the issues we are facing in order to have the ability to find the most ingenious ways to solve them. This is our planet, and we must prevent it from any harm, especially that done by us.

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