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Katrina Hurricane 2005 and Gulf of Mexico 2010

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The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico Fridays is already (BBC World News Friday 28.05.10)  compared to the Katrina Hurricane of 2005. Although more in the context, that now president Obama is held responsible for what happens. Just as George W. Bush was held responsible for what happened, or did not happen, in 2005.

An important point of the broadcast was, that the BP rig was actually an accident of a lab model, since there is not too much experience in deep sea drilling. The spill is 5000 feet, or 1 mile, under sea level. That aggravates the situation considerably. The pressure of the water is immense!

So the oil keeps on polluting and destroying nature and BP is fervently looking for a solution.

Sorry? What?

BP is running this site without having thought of such a mishap, without a back up system? Without knowing what to do in such a situation. This is called irresponsible!

The are trying right now this technology or the other in order to stop the leak and are not succeeding!

And some government agency has given the permit for it? Or does it mean, that far off in the International Waters one is far away from laws and regulations?

I don’t know the answer, but it seems to be that everyone can do whatever one wants as long as one doesn’t get caught. In a globalized world there are still areas without laws.

Something else, of course, is Modern High Sea Piracy. There the nations of the world, oh wonder, unite and laws in the international waters are being enforced!

No laws and regulation are enforced when the victim is predominantly nature!

BP, physically, and the leaders of the pre-ecological culture are to be held responsible. Those are the people in whose esteem high profit are more important then an intact nature.

The problem is that to our energy hunger of today, the hunger of another 2 billion people in the year 2050 has to be added.

The conclusion, that deep sea exploitation will have to increase in the future only more international regulations and standards will help prevent more incidences such as the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The other way to reduce such catastrophes is to reduce our need for oil by finding alternative technologies as the TOTEM System.

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