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Inherent Energy is wasted every day without us being aware of it.

It is not possible to be comprehensive, so only some examples are shown with which everyone of us is confronted everyday.

Please feel free to add examples.


This example is relevant for cold countries in the winter.

Water arrives at house with a minimum temperature of about 4 degrees Celsius.

The temperature in the house is 20 degrees Celsius.

A difference of 16 degrees.

The cold water from the tap and especially the water in the cistern of the WC tend to reach room temperatures.

Water from the cooking, bath and the washing machines are even hotter.

After use the water is flushed into the sewage. Where the warmth of the water dissipates and heats the micro climate of the city.

A heat exchanger in the basement would be a solution.


Not to harvest rain water and to use it for irrigation is bad IE. The water for the tap must be processed to drinking quality and must be transported, which needs energy. In the end drinking water is used for the toilet and irrigation!


How much energy could be saved if the distance between the single street lights would be five meter more than what is the standard today?


Although composting of biomass has merits, the CO2 remains bound, the Inherent Energy of the biomass is wasted. If bio gas is produced with the biomass the Inherent Energy is exploited.

Eat less meat!

To grow livestock demands lots of energy, landscape and water.  And the products still have to be transported.

Besides, it is healthier to eat less meat!

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