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Buetgenbach – Eastern Belgium

Buetgenbach is a small municipality in the German Community in Eastern Belgium.

The inhabitants number about 5.000 people.

That’s about 1.000+ families, if we assume the average family to be mother, father and 3 children.

If every family invests 1.000 Euro the Com-op could very well take over the waste-water purification plant and the recycling yard.

Both are separated by a very short distance, a merger would make a lot of sense. Also a TOTEM System can be installed there.


Waste-Water Facility and Recycling Yard

Waste-Water Facility and Recycling Yard

The red circle indicates the recycling yard.

The blue circle the waste-water purification facility.

Around the facility is enough space to be utilized.

Entrance to the Waste-Water facility

Entrance to the Waste-Water facility

A view at the entrance of the facility.

Purified Water

Purified Water

After the treatment the water flows into the creek.

As can be seen the IE of the water is wasted. A watermill could generate electricity!

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