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Inherent Energy

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What is Inherent Energy – IE?

Inherent Energy resembles Potential Energy.

The concept of IE is not about technology but rather a concept of Total Energy Modulation of which the TOTEM System is the best example.
Here the Valiant-Tailor-Principle – VTP becomes clear.
7 – and more – with one blow!

Inherent Energy is the art of incorporting existing energies and not, as is it is today, by dividing.

A simple graphic should make the point clear.

Energy Flow Incorporate-Divide

Energy Flow Incorporate-Divide

The negative examples shown here are everyday occurrences which go mostly unnoticed.

An other example shows how the municipality of Frankfurt am Main, West-Germany, did not recognize the opportunity to save energy by using the local IE!

The same in the small municipality of Buetgenbach in Eastern Belgium.

Everyday IE

Frankfurt am Main


Another form of IE is shown in this article. Schooling fishes as an example for saving energy!

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