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Posted by on Dec 7, 2011 in Ecology | 6 comments

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There is an old saying, out of sight – out of mind. This is one of the treats that characterizes human beings. On a personal level it can, and must, be excused to some extend. But on a social, poltical and economic level it borders right now on criminal neglect. Even worse, it can be called insane. Ignoring facts and the possible ramifications, even of indications, such as the Climate Change. One of the contenders of the Republican Party to run for the presidency of the USA, governor Rick Perry, asserts, that science is not settled on Climate Change and therefore the economic policy of the USA has to concentrate on job creation and not on changing our culture or society in order to meet the challenges of the future.

One of the certain challenges of the future is the growing World Population. The other one would be the Climate Change. Both issues are intricately interwoven with the other, that only one solution seems feasible. Sustainable Development! This also concerns the First World countries, since the need for energy and resources in these countries is much too high and therefore not sustainable. Models for a sustainable way of live must also be developed in the affluent societies.

No one can deny the possibility of a Climate Change, Precautionary Measures must be taken. Every responsible politician must take those facts into account before making any decisions. Especially if the politician is the president of the USA! The USA is still the leading nation on earth an as such it has more responsibility as smaller countries.

But is it the really the fault of the politician to deny something as abstract as a Climate Change? What can a politician possibilly know, what scientists do not know? At least they could agree on certain facts and their possible ramifications. Now, towards the end of the year, scientists and pundits will gather to a Climate Change Summit. Again, to discuss Climate Change and Sustainable Development. While the Climate Change Summit Flying Circus is floating high in the air and the facts on the ground are lacking. Practical models, yes, also for the 1.World, are still missing. It seems, that the specialist of the Climate Change are only talking and are not able to develop a conclusive concept how to tackle the problems. How can we expect our politicians to have such a concept?

How much time do the scientists and politicians think we have until we start to move in the right direction? Today world populations is about 7 billion people, at the middle of this century it will rise, by about 30%, to 9 billion. We have no time to waste. To remain in the theoretical realm borders, just to avoid making mistakes. Mistakes will be made anyway, but they should be regarded as part of the experience.

To know, that something terrible is about to happen and not to get prepared for it borders on insanity.

Psychologists might call it Surpression and as long as it enables a person to function in the personal realm in society, it is probably necessary. But as soon as the mental condition is disturbed a therapy is called for. But how can society as a whole go to a therapist? This is not possible. The only way to make the public understand the situation is by showing practical models. Such as the TOTEM System or Ultra Light City Vehicles. When the models work it will show the public how to change their way of life to a sustainable one. But we don’t want to see it and therefore we don’t mind it at all.

The onus is on us to act, but I am afraid we are going to lose more time. Our representatives avoid seeing the problems and do not mind them. We would like to believe in sanity, but alas, insanity reigns!


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  1. Edwin

    cool topic, very relevant now!

  2. Laser Lights

    If you continue putting up well written articles just like this then I will always keep coming back to your web site. Magnificent material.

  3. Jan Doedel

    Thanks for this. I hope many articles will follow. I will add this blog to my favorites. Kind Regards, Peter

  4. Agatha Richerds

    This design is steller! You certainly know how to keep a reader amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Excellent job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

  5. Shem of Israel Kawabanga

    Hell Dear Sir Dr. Max Nadel,

    First of all I would like to say sorry for sending you this e-mail despite the fact that I am a total stranger to you and I am very sorry incase I may have offended you hereby. I am Kenyan national of 37 years old currently residing in the Netherlands. I have been here in Holland from 1991 and I have never been back to Kenya ever since I came here due to dark witchcraft powers that followed me here in Holland. Due to this witchcraft powers which came with me here in Holland, I have not been able to achieve any socio-economic progress in my life after being here for more than 20 years.

    I have no drivers license, I have not been back to Kenya from 1991, I have never had a permanent job, I have never had a girlfriend, my bigger brother back in Kenya with his wife and five little children do not have a toilet and a bathroom, there small iron sheet and mud walled house has no windows and they are still using firewood to cook food.

    My bigger brother back in my motherland Kenya also does not have a bore hole for safe and clean drinking water, my bigger brother back in Kenya and his wife and five children also have no shoes, they can not pay for the primary school exams of there children, they have no comfortable chairs to sit on, they have no television or radio, they are walking with torn clothes, there five children are going to school with torn school uniforms and they have no bed to sleep on.

    Dr. Max Nadel, I have absolutely no savings, I am 37 years old but am not married yet let alone having children. I have come to the realization that going back to my motherland Kenya is the best option for me now because how hard I try, I can not get a job as a result of the global economic recession.

    I also recently underwent a government sponsored a psychological, intelligence and medical test and the test concluded that I can not and will never be able to work in a regular company because I am too slow among other shortcomings. They found out that Dutch companies have a very high expectation of me that I will never be able to meet.

    So I strongly the I believe the best solution for me now is to go back to my motherland Kenya so that I can engage in the many income generating farming activities and then Identify a good young woman and then settle down with her.

    It is really better for me because there is absolutely nothing I am doing here. I am just rotting away and thinking too much here in my flat while there are so many income generating things I can do back there in Kenya and I should also be walking around with my woman and children because I am 37 years old.

    If a miracle does not happen for me soon so that I can return to Kenya and settle down with a wife, I am afraid I will start making children when I am 50 years old.

    When I go back to my motherland Kenya, I would like to engage in income generating activities like rice farming, chicken farming, vegetable farming, tomato farming, fish farming, maze farming, build a five star hotel, build a five storey rental flat with lift and later invest in sugarcane farming. I have calculated that the above mentioned agricultural activities will generate enough monthly income that will enable me to live a very comfortable life back in my motherland Kenya and I will also be able to effectively support my future family and my bigger brother financially.

    Dr. Max Nadel, I have my bigger brother back in Kenya who is half deaf and he also has a terrible back pain so he can not do any job and therefore I am the only one in the world who can help him financially with his wife and five very bright children.

    Due to the fact that I am unemployed and the prospect of getting a job is very far in the horizon, I am and will never be able to assist my bigger brother and his family effectively through my remittances as long as I am here Holland. In my village back in Kenya, the price of just harvested basmati rice is 5.000 kenyan shillings or 50 euros and we have a very large farm that can easily produce a hundred bags of harvested basmati rice. Rice buyers are always standing ready with cash at the farm during harvests in my village back in Kenya.

    That is a truely staggering amount of money that I would make if I were to find a way to go back to my motherland Kenya with some financial assistance not to mention chicken farming, tomato farming, fish farming and vegetable farming among many other income
    generating activities. I can say with certainty that after harvesting 100 bags of basmati rice, me , my bigger brother and his wife and five children will be out of poverty ones and for all. I am rotting away here in my flat doing nothing while back in Kenya, there are many income generating activities I can engage in that can generate a good monthly income for me and my bigger brother.

    For a few years now, there is a legislation in place here in Holland that states: Any
    foreigner who desires to bring a wife from his motherland to Holland must have a permanent job or a one year contract job and must earn a specific salary and the wife must know how to speak, read and write the Dutch language before she can be allowed to set foot in Holland.

    I think you can now understand the very difficult dilema I am facing. It cost about 2.000 euros to teach somebody the Dutch languagedepending on wich country one wants to bring a wife from. If I would get some financial assistance to go back to my motherland Kenya to engage in the above mentioned agricultural activities, It would be very easy for me to identify a good a young woman and marry and then settledown with because young women are readily available in my village.

    I am thinking alot and I can hardly get some good sleep at night and I have alot of stress. My mother also passed away in 1999 and I have not even gone back to say her my last respect. I am even afraid that I may die in my sleep due to alot of thinking. Please
    anyone who reads this later I appeal to you to consider my very desperate situation.

    God will bless you abundantly and I will forever remain greatful to you for your generosity. There is no shortage of water in my village because we live near the worlds second biggest fresh water lake, the Lake Victoria and there is also plenty of rainfall every year and many very big rivers around us as well as many swamps. Alot of people in my village and all over kenya are very comfortable financially as result of rice farming, tomato farming, fish farming, vegetable farming, chicken farming and maze farming
    among other agricultural activities. There will also be no problem with land because our late father left us enough fertile land and it is also possible in Kenya to rent fertile land very cheaply for agricultural purposes. Transportation of harvested agricultural produce will also be no problem at all from my village because we live near a very big and well mentained road that comes from the kenyas port city of mombasa wich also has a very big international airport and a very big seaport where very large vessels dock from around the world to offload and load different types of goods.

    The same road also passes the Kenyas capital, Nairobi City wich also has a very big and
    modern International Airport and also comes to Kenyas third largest city, Kisumu City wich recently got an International Airport after undergoing expansion.

    Kisumu City is also where I was born and it is just 30 munutes from my village. So as you can see there will be immense business opportunities if I go back to my motherland Kenya with some financial assistance. Kisumu city is also lying on the shores of Lake Victoria and from Kisumu one can go to Uganda or Tanzania by very large or small boats.

    I will need things like a secondhand tractor so that I will not be forced to pay tractor owners to cultivate my farm, a secondhand water pump generator to water my tomato and vegetables, build a chicken farm, two four bedroom permanent houses with attached kitchens, toilets and bathrooms one for me and one for my bigger brother, sink a bore hole for safe drinking water for me and my bigger brother, two solar panels with enough capacity to power a fridge, a freezer, electric cooking plate, television, solar boiler, secondhand double cabin pickup for my transportation, two solar boilers, furnitures for
    the two permanent houses, 8 mosquito nets, two big water tanks for me and my bigger brother, two electric solar cooking plates, tomato seeds, baby rice, baby chickens for farming, four two persons beds for me and my future wife, my bigger brother and his wife and his five children.

    If someone out there will show the willingness to assist me financially, I will eternally remain grateful to you and I will never forget it for the rest of my entire life. As soon as I start to get enough revenues as a direct result of the above mentioned farming activities in my motherland Kenya, I will consider the possibility of opening a small orphanage and in my village so that I can put a smile in the faces the very many destitute and suffering little kids in my village. There are very many poor people I would really like to help but I can not as long as continue to rot away here in my flat and I am also getting old fast.

    Please assist me because I will die because of too much stress and thinking here in Holland like a dog living my bigger brother back in Kenya with no one else to help him and his wife and five very bright children.

    I am a victim of jealousy and hatred by some members of my family back in Kenya who have blocked me from prospering here in Europe in every way by using dark witchcraft powers or African juju against me.

    You surely will not miss blessings from the almighty God of Israel. I am looking forward to hearing something positive from my fellow kenyans of good will and other generous
    philanthropists everywhere in the world. In total I think will need an amount of fivehundredthousand us dollars for the above mentioned farming activities in my motherland Kenya. An amount of a hundredthousand us dollars or Euros will also just be enough if that is all you can afford.

    Thank you very much Dr. Max Nadel.

    With kind regards,

    Shem of Israel Kawabanga,

    • Max

      Dear Israel,
      first, I am not a doctor. Second, you started your letter with the wrong term. I believe you meant to say Hell, but you wrote Hell. No matter.I am sorry for the situation you are in, but I can’t help you. My financial situation is so, that I can just survive. If I had the money, believe me, I would ask for the adress of your brothers and we could build a orphanage with a TOTEM in it. But, alas, I am not able to.
      I wish you all the best,
      Max Nadel

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