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In the year 2011 a wave of social protest ignited all over the world. It was indeed a international occurrence. It started in Spain and jumped over to North Africa in what is called, the Arab Spring. In the USA people started to Occupy-Wall Street. And let’s not forget the Tea Party, which comes from the other side of the political spectrum, but with legitimate grievances nonetheless. Anyway a big chunk of the world seems to be in unrest. And never mind the political affiliations. People are dissatisfied with their social status. Also in Tel Aviv people took to the streets. In one of the fancy streets of Tel Aviv, the Rothschild Boulevard, the social protesters erected the so called Tent City. There was much noise made by the protesters and the in the media. Prime Minister Netanyahoo asked the retired judge Trachtenberg to head a committee, named after the judge, to find out what the problems are and to suggest remedies. The judge did and the government complied in some instances but, of course, the whole package can’t be implemented. Or perhaps the politic will does not exist to do so. Who ever believed that Mr. Netanyahoo would be on the side of the socially weak is simply mistaken. If Mr. Netanyahoo would be, the socially weak wouldn’t be so weak. The problem, of course, is not a local one, but rather an international one, shared by all the states. And so the situation, at least in Israel, did not change very much. The middle and lower class are still milked for what it’s worth, while the upper one-digit percent of

Price differences for members and non-members in Ha’Agalla Co-op

the population still gets the most from the system. The injustice prevails, while our politicians still believe in the Trickle-Down concept. Or rather, want to make us believe this concept works. And then came the winter and the tents were dissembled and the movement, so it seemed at the time, was finished. The power of the Arab movement was not shared by us. There the movement toppled governments and dictatorships. Here the protest was much more moderate. With the winter comes the time for hibernation. Or so I thought. But I was mistaken. Some young people took matters into their own hands and established a Co-operative, which runs the Vegan restaurant Ha’bar Kayma, The Sustainable Bar. There is also a religious interpretation, the good deed of economic independence. When a child leaves home and does not need the help of the parents to stay on his/her own feet, is a Bar Kayma. Whoever followed the articles in this website will know, that I constantly advocate Co-operatives and a Vegan life style. Did I have much choice but to join the Co-op? No, I don’t think so and hence I did join. And I am glad I did. Here I have the possibility to do

something practical for society and for Sustainability and it only cost me about 250US-$. Bar Kayma has created about 30 jobs, 10 full time and 20 part time jobs. And I have a part in the process. It is very nice, that Ha’bar Kayma exists, but it is not enough. All the protesters have something in common, the desire for a change. The promise Obama has not kept and all of a sudden I find myself agreeing to Republicans. Yes we can change and we don’t have to wait for the government to do it. But, and here I and the Republicans are not on common grounds, we also don’t have to wait for a capitalist, who won’t invest because of a low profit. But for me, and like minded, it is sufficient. For us the Social Security, the jobs and a healthy social live is more important than monetary profit. And let’s not forget, that since the Bar Kayma is a Vegan restaurant the wound inflicted to nature are minimized. All in all, we are a model of Sustainability. We are not talking, we are doing!

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