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Hydro Power and the TOTEM System

Posted by on Nov 29, 2010 in Totem | 2 comments

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As the last part of the steps to the TOTEM System the Micro Hydro Power facility is to be mentioned. Without water life would be impossible on earth. Water covers about 70% of the earth’s surface. Of all the water only 2,5 % is Fresh Water. And of this about 70% is frozen and can’t be used. The danger lies in the fact, that if the frozen water thaws the level of the seas will rise dramatically.

Only 1% of the fresh water is accessible for human use. This amount of water is used for drinking, cooking, washing, irrigation and for industrial use. Today about 7 billion people on earth share the fresh water and in about the year 2050 it will be about 9 billion. The amount of water for the individual will be less then today, while demand for industrial use will increase.

A solution must be found! A solution would be to keep the water in a closed circuit in the neighborhood. The sewage system is much too big and no one really knows where it is broken and where the waste water is penetrating into the ground water and thus contaminating it.

With the help of the TOTEM System the water circuit in the neighborhood or buildings could be separated into two circuits. One for drinking water and one for utility water. With the waste heat of the gas turbine, which is run by Biogas, and Thermal Solar Energy all the water is turned into steam. The Steam drives a Steam Turbine, which produces electricity. Since steam is lighter than air it rises to the roof tops of the buildings.

There the steam cools off and becomes Distilled Water. Distilled water is chemically pure, only H2O. This water is not meant for drinking purposes, but if minerals are added it becomes high quality drink water. Only the part of the water, which is meant to be consumed for drinking and cooking, the other part of the water can remain as it is. No one needs drink water to flush the toilet or for the shower.

From the roof top the water exploits the Inherent Energy of Gravitation and flows down towards ground level. On each floor a water mill can be installed.

With the TOTEM System could help to solve the energy and drink water problem!

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