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Posted by on May 14, 2010 in Climate Change | 10 comments

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Hemp is a extraordinary plant. Don’t take the word of the dope fiends for it.
Hemp was for thousands of years one of the most versatile plants grown by human beings.
There are three sorts of hemp, industrial, the medical and the recreational hemp.
The one we are talking about is the industrial hemp. Which is generally forbidden to grow because it would give people
the opportunity to get high with recreational hemp products.

With the permission to grow industrial hemp the control of recreational hemp would be lost. In every acre of industrial hemp a lot of recreational hemp crops could be hidden.
This is a very short sighted vision.
Hemp grows in 120 days and can be harvested.
The products of hemp are ropes, textile and material for buildings. The seeds can be eaten. After soy beans
hemp seeds have the highest content of proteins in plants. The paper made of hemp is of better quality than the one
made of wood because of the acid content.
The tree needs years to grow until it can be used to make paper out of it, hemp only 4 month!
The reason why hemp is forbidden seems to be to prevent people from smoking it as a drug.
This is a kind of a twisted logic.
1. If some one wants to use drugs there seems to be no problem. The war on drugs, after all those years, is still going on.
2. If a drug addict does not get the drug he is addicted to he simply gets some other drugs. Every pharmacy is full of them!

From an ecological point of view it would be much better to grow hemp then to destroy forests!

If we want to take the fight Climate change seriously we would better reconsider our hemp policies.
In order to prevent some fools, without much success, to smoke the weed our politicians prefer to destroy nature!

– youtube

Addition: Ask in the stationery for, and in your school and work place to use hemp paper!

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    So .. what is this have to do with your subject ? or with climate change ? i think maybe its exactly the same of (Hemp subject) have to do with climate change. which is NOTHING.

    Your subjects, articles are getting fanatic and with no meaning. Be Real and Write Real things.

    Good luck.

    • manx

      Hemp has something to do with climate change. Every little step which preserves the forests helps. If we only use hemp paper instead of paper made of wood it would preserve the forest. The main task of the forest is the photosynthesis. If we destroy the forest on the one hand, while we produce more CO2 on the other hand then it would make a lot of sense to use hemp paper as a means to fight the climate change!

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