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Hello 2011!

Posted by on Jan 2, 2011 in Ecology | 6 comments

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Adieu year 2010! It was a difficult year. It was also the last year of the first decade of the new century.

In the year 2010 we all could witness catastrophes caused by human negligence, as there was the Oil Spill of the BP rig in the Gulf of Mexico. The Red Sludge in Hungary. Those examples are just the tip of the Iceberg. Many more minor incidents did happen, which did not get the same attention in the media. So no one talks about it.

Those incidents happened because of human negligence. This negligence must be called what it is, criminal negligence. In order to maximize the profits the companies take the chance that such catastrophes will happen. In the end the public is burdened with the costs and nature might be irrevocably damaged.

But this is not all the catastrophes that happened in the year 2010. Although earthquakes, floods and wildfires can’t be directly attributed to human behaviour, it can be taken for granted that the possible Climate Change aggravates an already precarious situation.

From January, according to Munich Re (1), until the end of June 2010 440 natural catastrophes were registered with overall, economic losses, of about 70 billion US$. This figure exceeds the total for 2009 as a whole and is well above the first-half average for the past ten years. The insured losses were 22 billion US$. This means that about 48 billion US$ had to be covered by private means!

Besides 55 geophysical events, 385 weather-related natural catastrophes caused significant losses.

According to (2) the world has gone wild and the “The term ‘100-year event’ really lost its meaning this year.” 2010 was the deadliest year in a generation. More people lost their live in natural catastrophes this year than have been killed in terror attacks in the last 40 years. At least a quarter of a million people have lost their live to natural disasters. In the terror attacks in the last 40 years, from 1968 to 2009 were less than 115,000.

If all this natural disasters are the tangible signs of a Climate Change, is our inability to get prepared for a worst-case scenario be compared to an act of an ecological terrorism? Or is it simply another case of short sightedness and criminal negligence by our political and economic leaders?

After all C.L. Hendricks is absolutely right to say:  Failure to prepare to survive, is a decision not to survive.

The year 2011 starts off with a flood in Queensland/Australia. A very bad omen indeed. It can only be hoped, that the new year will be a better one in this respect. And that our politicians will muster the will to declare the first year of the second decade of the 21. century the Year of Natures Right. The right of nature to remain undamaged. This is not some romantic notion, but essentially for the survival of humanity! 

(1) Munich Re


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    “I’ve been told that I have a lot of energy. The secret is that I use renewable resources. Some days I’m solar powered. Some days I’m wind powered. And some people in this room might think I’m hybrid gas-powered. You’ll just have to guess which it is today.”

  2. Johanna

    I visit your site daily to see what’s new but i am bit disappointed, i hope you are not dropping this site.

    I love your articles, you used to write daily articles, now i see the last articles are : “Happy New Migration! on Dec 26, 2010, and Hello 2011! on Jan 2, 2011”. now it’s one article every week to ten days.

    I keep returning to read new things, but nothing is new anymore 🙁

    Keep up the good work.

    • Admin (Max)

      Hello Johanna,
      thank you for your kind words. I have to admit I am a little tired right now. When I started the blog I did not know how difficult it would be to write a post every second or third day. But I am confident that this phase will pass and I will write soon again in a higher frequency.
      Thank you for visiting Nesseq.

  3. What is Rent to Own

    I wonder if some of this stuff could have been taken from a feed, it’s all over the web and other peoples websites, unless you’re the first creator?

    • Admin (Max)

      Hi there,
      I’m glad to hear that the stuff I write is to be found all over the web and other peoples web sites. I can assure you that all the post published in are original pieces, written by me.
      Thanks for visiting

  4. Solar Energy Enthusiast

    This really is a really important issue that much more men and women must be aware about. The more people employing this important information the better. Many thanks for spreading the word. I am a huge fan of your blog!

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