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Happy New Year 2010-2011!

Posted by on Oct 4, 2010 in Ecology | 12 comments

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This post is written less then 3 month before the new year. I write it now, because I am furious in anticipation of what we will get to hear in the media and from our leaders at the first change of the decades in the 21. century.

From the media we will get the dry facts.

We will hear, that the year 2010 was the hottest summer in the last decades. Yet another hottest summer preceded by other hottest summers as in 2003, 2006 .

The last summer, northern hemisphere, shows a clear tendency that it gets constantly hotter in the summers, that there is a dynamic. The hottest summer known in Siberia resulted in huge Wild Fires.

This we will probably not hear, but those wild fires are comparable to the Asian Forest Fires in 1997-1998.

We will hear, that while in some parts of the world earth was scorching other parts were Flooded. Take your pick from a long list of floods in 2010!

We will be told, that 20% of all the Plants on hearth are in danger of becoming extinct.

With the plants, the animals will go, the earth will erode and the water balance will get severely disturbed. The whole static of the the building, we call earth, might become unstable.

Our elder statesmen and ethical/ religious leaders will appeal to our conscience, to help ease the plight on earth. How important it is to fight starvation in the world.

We will not hear about the growing world population, which puts yet more strain on the static of nature. We will not hear how to feed 30% more people in 2950? While we are not able to feed all the people today.

We will not hear about ecological solutions for a sustainable future, for nature and human beings!

Instead we will hear from our politicians, how to tackle the financial and economic crisis. How unemployment should be fought.

But our leaders, as responsible parents, will not mention, that they leave the citizens impoverished and that our children will have to pay back the debts, which have been accumulated today.

As responsible parents the leaders must work on solutions. How to resolve the financial predicament? What ecological concept is developed as a basis for a sustainable future? How much will this cost us? What will we have to give up in order to regain balance with nature?

Every ecological solution must be energy efficient. This means the project mustn’t cost much and will be even cheaper through Sweat Equity.

It is a time factor, the solution must be immediate. We have only between 30-40 years until world population reaches (billion) people.

And that’s a fact, all the prognoses of the demographic development were proven right until now. There is no reason to believe it should have become unreliable, all of a sudden.

But perhaps I am too pessimistic and a sliver of hope will appear at the turn of the decade. I don’t think it will happen, therefore I rather rely on the power of the people, on  Self-Organization. Or Self-Help, if you please.

This is the only hope I have left!

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