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Happy New Migration!

Posted by on Dec 26, 2010 in Ecology | 9 comments

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Merry Christmas?  
So shortly after Christmas I would like to write a post about people who are easily forgotten in such festive times. I want to write about refugees of all kinds.  

The migration of masses of people, regardless of the reasons, throughout the world, becomes a global political and social problem.  


Human beings were always a wandering species. Only in the last thousands of years we began to settle down. At that time it was not really difficult to live a nomadic live. One had to fight for survival and against the hardship imposed by nature. But wars between tribes were seldom, since the chances to meet other nomadic tribes were low. Fights broke out about land, where survival was easier.  

Those times are long gone. In the intervening time, people learned to settle down and how to store the foodstuff for the fruits of a recently developed agriculture.  

This was the first step to a growing population.  

With the growing density on earth, more and more people were moving about.  

The indigenous people, on almost any place on earth are already or soon will be the minorities on their own land.  

And, mostly, they are not treated with respect by the new comers!  

Europe and America  

Europe and the Americas are classical examples.  

Most of the Europeans today are the descendents of immigrants of the past. The Kelts can be regarded as the indeginous people of Europe. Where have they survived as a people? 

But that’s a different story.  

After the Americas were discovered many Europeans fled the old and desolate continent in the search of a better future in the new continent.  

Now people from the poor countries move to the affluent countries, just with the same in mind as the European then on the way to America. No one in America and Europe should forget that!  

New Migration  

In modern times, the migration can be separated into two categories. Migrating workers and refugees.  

First there are the migrating workers in northern Europe. At first, about the half of the last century, they were welcomed, because they made the dirty work the rich natives didn’t want to do anymore. Also the contributed to the economical growth.  

Contrary to the naive belief at the beginning at the end of the 50th, many of the migrating workers simply settled in a new home. People just can’t let the opposite sex be and people simply get children. And they don’t even know the old country. The host land is their new home.  


As second wave are the refugees, who flee their land for whatever reasons. One group are refugees because of political reasons, others because of war and the third group are so called economic refugees, who are regarded as parasites. As though poverty is something one has to endure, no matter what. Especially the new American people should be very sensitive to this kind of refugee.  

Tens of thousands of years ago people moved because they did not find enough to eat in the area. So they moved on. Today it is not much different. If you don’t have to eat you go where there is the hope to find food and a future.  


Another form of refuge was once and is because of environmental reason. Be it, that the local climate changed, or because of floods and earthqaukes. Or that the soil is simply exhausted, and even fetilizer can’t help.  

This kind of refugee can be called the ecological refugee and we have to understand, that this kind of refugee will increase.  

The Politics of Migration  

That the integration of migrating workers and economical refugees is failing is obvious. The problems are periodically seen in the media. If more mass migration can be expect in the future, than we should start to get a grip on the present problem.  

We, at Nesseq, can’t solve the whole problem. But we sure can make, at least, one suggestion, which concerns the so called economic refugees.

The common economic refugee has shown inteligence and determination to get away from his home and find a better life in a far away place.  That this is not so s/he does not know. But even the affluent countries have their own problems with all the migrating people among them. The economic refugee is just a nuisance and will be probably deported. But should s/he be deported without being helped?

If the economic refugees is taught a profession, which is needed in their homeland and, with a little financial help, the people can start their own business after their return.

Teach them how to establish a Loan Guaranty Fund. Teach them, how to organize a Co-operative. How to build and operate a TOTEM System. And when this highly educated person is being send back home s/he can start moving things amongst his, or her, family, friends and people.  It will help all involved and would help to vitalize the local economy.  This should become an integral part of the developing aid policy.

But until this should happen, I will settle to wish all the refugees in the world all the best. May Christmas have softened the hard-heads in the host country and that in the new year everything will be much better for you all.

Refugee or not!  


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  1. Fleurette

    We should try to ovreocme depression as it affects a person’s thoughts in such a way that the person doesn’t see when a problem can be ovreocme. It’s as if the depression puts a filter on the person’s thinking that distorts things. Someone with severe depression is unable to see the possibility of a good outcome and may believe they will never be happy or things will never go right for them again.

  2. Yan Masiclat

    Dr Max, This article post was very nicely written, and it also contains many useful facts. I enjoyed your distinguished.

  3. juliana

    Your smile makes me melt !!

    I am perfect to you, we will marry in 2011.

    • Admin (Max)

      Dear Juliana,
      thank you very much. But do you think that’s the way to propose me? I don’t even know you.
      All the best in the new year and let’s see what will be.

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