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Government Bail Outs!

Posted by on Sep 9, 2010 in Ecology | 8 comments

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Although this year was unusual year concerning the weather, there are still people, who think that the Climate is static. And perhaps in some parts of the earth, Canary Islands, it might be true, but all over the world people experience the seasons. Not necessarily as it is described in the old books. Already some changes are to be witnessed. A very cold Winter 2009/10 in Europe, where in some places the temperature dropped to what is usual in Siberia and this summer the temperature in Russia was like in the desert. 39 degrees Celsius. The Wildfires were partly caused by it.

If there is only the slightest chance that the climate is changing then it is imperative to act, to defend humanity from such a global disaster. This will be expensive, that is understood. It will cost society more than the government aid to all kind of companies in the Financial Crisis of 2007. All those companies failed the capitalist motto, that risk must yield profit and that the state should not get involved in their businesses, miserably. The states got involved and bailed the companies out. According to the pure capitalist ideology the companies shouldn’t exist anymore.

At what a rate did the financial allocation for Ecology and Sustainable Development rise at the same rate in the same time span?
What is the difference in the budgets for ecology and that of the Armed Forces? Globally!
As a citizen of this world I, and everyone of us can, demand, that the discrepancies in budget will equalized.

The defense of nature is just as important as the defense of the homeland. The logic for both kinds of reasoning is the same.
After all, most of the armies were not established for war, no one would admit it, but to be prepared for war.
If there is only the slightest chance of a changing climate, then we should make everything in our might to be prepared for

climate catastrophe! The governments of our world are able to spend so much for failed companies and military, it should spend

even more for ecology.
The longer we wait the more expensive it will be, after all, time is money!

(Sorry, but I couldn’t find the global expenditures for ecological measures!)

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