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Glenn Beck and Global Warming

Posted by on Apr 22, 2011 in Climate Change | 0 comments

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Glenn Beck, it seems, is a controversial figure. I do not know much about him, since I am not an American and I am not too keen on television anyway. While researching on the Internet for a new post, I came across an interesting video of Mr. Beck interviewing John Coleman, the founder of a weather channel on TV. Mr Coleman states, that the Climate Change is the greatest scam in the whole of history.

In the beginning of his show Glenn Beck introduces his new book,  An Inconvenient Book – real solutions to the worlds biggest problems! 

As the title already implies, the show host uses, the first chapter to debunk Global Warming. He calls it: “Kryptonite against your Gore-worshipping psycho friends” (0:24). As a prove he cites a statistics, whereas death by heat per year was down 95% since the 1920th. He further complained, that if scientist say temperature is up 0.1 degree (Fahrenheit or Celsius?)  it immediately hits the headlines. But if someone, with decades of experience,  as Mr. Coleman, claims that Global Warming is nothing but a “manufactured crisis, no one cares and you can hear a pin drop”. Then Mr. Coleman joins the program and says what he has to say.

Like, scientists warn of a global warming, because they have to make a living (2:47).

Glenn Beck: “What was for you the turning point?”

John Coleman: “When I saw the Hockey Stick graph……, I knew it was incorrect” (3:20). Then Mr. Coleman sought the advice of experts and found out, that “bogus science” (3:41) claims, that Global Warming is a fact. Further he asked rhetorically, why did the other scientists accept this scam (3:51)? Of course, to get rich and, possibly, famous! And for no other reason.

Beck then asks, whether we are now at the point of no return (04:10), when no scientist will come out and speak against the scam? Mr. Coleman answered, that it is actually too late, “the ship has left the dock, but in 20 years from now we will have the last laugh” (4:48).

After watching the clip for almost 5 minutes, I realized, that it was wasted time. Nothing was offered but an opinion. No facts whatsoever, were presented. All the time the two man were enjoying themselves immensely, judging by the constant smile on their face.

Just a pity, that people with so much influence, are not able to show their viewers the whole picture, that Mr Beck is not even able to ask the right question. Even as someone who warns of the dangers of Global Warming, I can understand that human influence might be negligible. However, what if Global Warming is not caused by humans but is the tangible sign of a natural cycle? Is this, in the world view of Mr. Beck and Mr. Coleman, impossible? How many cycles has the climate on earth had in the last 2 billion years? Do this two gentlemen really believe, that the climate is and will remain static for the rest of times?

It is utterly irresponsible of the two gentlemen to ommit the possibility of Global Warming and to, subtly, imply, that nothing has to be done about it. That humanity does no have to get prepared for a worst-case scenario. That in 20 years from now, they will have the last laugh and billions of Dollars will have been spent for nothing. Perhaps the four children of Mr. Beck will curse their father in 40 years from now, when Global Warming will change the climate for the worst and 9 billion people will populate the world.

The video was uploaded on Youtube in 2007. The question is, what does Mr. Beck and Mr. Coleman have to say about Global Warming five years later?

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