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Garbage and the City

Posted by on Jun 19, 2013 in Featured, Gallery | 1 comment

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The objective of these image diaries is to show everyday situations in the town I live in, Tel Aviv. Perhaps you will see some similarities in your city!

Here is a selection of pictures of garbage in the city. The way garbage is treated, by the individual and the municipality, is unworthy of a nation, which prides itself for her leading role in the IT-industry. This might be the reason garbage is neglected in the High-Tech nation of Israel, because Garbage and the disposal of it is not enough high-tech?

Whatever the reason, this situation has to change urgently. This is not sustainable, the garbage collection and disposal has to change. Bigger garbage bins for separation the garbage must be available every hundred meters throughout the city. This garbage stations have to be designed to be effective. Every bit of refuse in this system will not get out of the system, unless it is recycled. Only so can we reduce the pollution of our city and the sea.

As the swimming season gets into full swing, the sea gets more and more polluted. The results can be seen at the clip below.

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  1. Jillian U. Sanford

    In 2009, Mangalore City Corporation spent Rs 9.88 crore for garbage disposal costs (now it should be way more than that amount), with nearly one-third of it is utilized towards workers wages. Looking at the present conditions of the garbage disposal standards, there are a few drawbacks in the system. They are: No proper workers training as to how to handle and collect waste systematically ( I have also noticed that the city garbage collectors spend too much time going through the thrash looking for recyclable items like plastic bags, plastic bottles, etc; etc;, and when they do that at every garbage dump area the rotten smell from the loaded dump truck is released into the air, spreading terrible pollution); garbage is not being segregated; trucks hauling waste don’t have segregated compartments; sanitary workers are not provided with safety hazard equipments/ safety clothing, thereby posing health hazards; bio-medical waste from many medical establishments find its way into city garbage bins ( Other day City officials and police discovered human skeletals in a alley garbage area –some say the skeletals could be from medical college practicals laboratory ?? Whatever? But still an alley is not a place to dispose human remains. Is this what educated people do?); illegal disposal of waste into sea causing serious public health and environmental threat. The City officials should immediately take the initiative in rectifying all these drawbacks so that the garbage disposal could be operated smoothly and systematically.

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