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Freedom and Necessity!

Posted by on Feb 15, 2011 in Ecology | 2 comments

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Freedom, such a auspicious word and it’s promises are, oh, so sweet. No more obligations and one can do whatever one wants. No more work, no more payments, life could be beautiful.
But this idea of absolute freedom is a lie. There is, and can’t, be absolute freedom. The bills have to be paid and one can only buy what one can afford. At least, that’s how it should be. And life is full of obligations, which limit our freedom. This kind of freedom, or the lack of it, will be always be. Even a millionaire has only limited freedom and many obligations.

Although the millionaire has got the absolute freedom of consumption. This is a state of being most people would like to share. But this freedom is also quite limited since we all know, that this untamed consumption is probably one of the reasons for the Climate Change.

The probability of the Climate Change coming true forces us to rethink what and how we consume products. Our failure to do so might lead straight into a worst-case scenario. A scenario where all the world will declare a state of emergency.  

What kind of freedom is there in a state of emergency? A flood or a earthquake leaves us only one choice, survival. There is no freedom. As much as there isn’t much freedom left, when a calamity is to be expected. Something as simple, as to handle a sharp knife with utmost care. How much more is demanded, if we want to meet the challenges of Climate Change. The more time is wasted to meet the challenge head on, the less freedom will be left.

The Necessity to survive will of utmost importance and all ideas of freedom will just vanish. But this does not have to be like that. Now is the time to do everything in our might to fight the Climate Change. The earlier we start, the bigger our chances to maintain a sense of freedom. Because this is our freedom right now, the freedom take up the fight against the Climate Change or losing freedom at a later stage!

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  1. watches

    Awesome! Some people were talking about this on the local public television station last night. I happened to still have my DV recorder running from the previous show, so captured the whole thing – I’ll try to put it up on youtube and post a link! Peace out

  2. man

    When I was a kid, I was always interested in such things. Like it!

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