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Financing an Ecological Change

Posted by on Oct 7, 2010 in Loan Guaranty Fund | 18 comments

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It is save to assume, that many people all over the world are willing, some of them are even eager, to do something for society or would like to fight a possible Climate Change.  For such endeavors money is needed. And to get it is very difficult, no one gives money away easily.

But there is another way, Self-Organization!

The idea of a Loan Guaranty Fund (LGF)  presents itself. In our, Nesseq’s case an LGF would guaranty loans for Ecological and/or social projects. But every LGF can define their task for itself, of course.

In all former posts about the Loan Guaranty Fund,  1.000 people were mentioned, who would each put 1.000 US-Dollars or Euro  for ten years in a closed bank account.

This number is still valid, as a goal, but the way is long and the first step must be taken. For this first step only 10 people are needed!

In order to raise the investment, the group lends money from the bank, which manages the LGF.  The credit runs, with agreed maturity, for 5 years. In which the personal loan is paid back. All this time the funds are accumulating interest and will run for another 5 years.

In the beginning, each member is acting as a credit guarantor for another member for 1.000 US-$ or Euro. Which is used as an investment in the LGF.

If the group fails to establish a proper LGF after 10 years all the the money is payed back equally among the members.

In a conventional point of profitability such an investment would be of no interest, compared to the conventional forms of investment, which go for profit maximization.

But the goal of the LGF is different, we want nature and society to profit from a small investment.

And if we do not lose money, we profit twice. We get our money, after the agreed time, back plus interest yield.
If we lose the money, at least we have contributed for something more important. This is our real profit.

The clip in You Tube shows an initiative in Togo/Africa to build a Kindergarten. Please pay attention to the building of the kindergarten. It is built as it would be in Europe or the USA. While the houses where the people live are only, what appears to be, clay shacks with tin roofs. In a more appropriate fashion with the same amount of money 20 kindergartens in as many villages could have been built. Or only in 10 villages, but with TOTEM Systems!

But the practice of the Social Business is very nice. Only one question: Why does it work in the 3.World and not in the developed countries? The developed countries, in a ecological context, are also nothing but developing countries! An LGF could be just the right tool.

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      Please let me know the name of your website.
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