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Feminism and Climate Change

Posted by on Jul 2, 2010 in Ecology | 10 comments

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As a fact, it is needless to mention that women should have the same rights as men. Still it is necessary to talk about it from a different angle. From the angle of Climate Change and how equal rights of the genders could contribute to fight Climate Change.
If one takes human rights serious, one has to grant women the same rights as are granted to men. Be it the same wage for the same work, or any other right which favors men. The excuse that women are the ones to give birth to the children and that because of this they are less reliable as men and therefore women earn less money, is just that – an excuse.
But it is not only a legal matter, it is also a way of live in which man and woman do not share the burden of daily life equally.
The household, the rearing of the children and so forth, it is mostly the task of the women. All this besides the daily work of the women in offices, shops and factories.
But are the women only the victims and not to be blamed at all?
As far as I can estimate the situation the women are not really looking for a comprehensible solution for their predicament.
Part of them are looking for equal rights. Which is understandable.

But to seek equal rights for women in a Patriarchal society?

In a society in which the inequality is the very base of the system. Not just the inequality of women but also of the lower classes of society. Another part of the women are trying to build a female sub-culture, where men do not find a place.

The Climate Change offers a new approach. By establishing Communal Co-operatives, in which every member determines the system, equal rights of the genders can be fulfilled as a byproduct.
This Com-ops could be organized as a Urban Kibbutz, with a communal kitchen, laundry and a children’s house. This would
lessen the strain in the daily relationship between man and woman, since the people would save time. Instead of shopping,
cooking and quarreling who brings the garbage down, people just go to the dining room. This does not mean that the members
cannot cook at home. They just don’t have to.

The other advantage would be a considerable saving in energy and a rich social life.

The conclusion is, that equal rights of the genders could contribute to the fight against Climate Change!

By the way, the Equality in Nesseq refers to the equality of the genders!

But not just, it also refers to social equality and to equality between the First World and the Third World.

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  1. Anna

    I guess you have a major problem with Women Max, i bet you are divorced, or single, or gay !!

    and i am sure, we Women have a major problem with you also.

    my advice, kill your self !!!!

  2. Liz

    Max-I study engineering here in Israel, and I find your ideas quite intriguing!

  3. Andre

    It’s too bad your hatred of women shines through your argument so clearly since you’ve raised a few interesting, but completely irrelevent point.

    The fact is, women are ridiculously more oppressed than men historically and presently. That does not deny the fact that men have also been oppressed, it’s just that women have and are more marginalised. I just don’t understand were you are coming from, my only conclusion is that you have no idea what you are talking about.

  4. Mike

    What a stupid, gendered, sexist report.

    A few years ago, Hillary Clinton made the famous statement that the real victims of war were women and children, ignoring all the men that actually die in the goddamned things and are drafted (or enlisted.)

    Men, women, and children will all be affected by climate change. In the US, I guess you would agree that men will suffer more, since MEN are the ones that women depend on for food.

    It’s this kind of idiotic, gender war overreach that makes me just ignore feminist claims of any sort.

    Oh, and yeah, the problem is the male scientists hate women. Or that women, because of their magical vagina, will make the science better.

    Please stop being an idiot and a gender warrior. Because you really are a disgusting bigot when you swing that way and you reflect poorly on the rest of Mother Jones.

  5. Jenny Herny

    Hello my Dr. Max, I attended the feminism and climate camp workshop while ago to see if the feminist movement could help me look at a way forward from Climate Change. I was not disappointed. Some woman faciliatated the workshop encouraging thoughts on how climate change and feminism can be seen as a shared movement. Today we live in a patriarchal, capitalist world which violently opresses feminism as a dated and rejected concept.

    The women and men present were encouraged and empowered to envision an alternative to this situation by embracing feminism. Despite media representations of feminity that encourage feminism to be rejected, dismissed, or stereotyped, we were encouraged to reject this false image.

    Feminism is an opportunity for non-male, non-white, or non-anythings to recognise themselves; a communicating, respectful, and accepting attitude. During the discussion we looked at the best positive or negative outcome in the next ten years for women, and the segregated alike.

    Are men and women to become cloned copies of the ideologised feminity and masculinity? Are we to increasingly become a segregated community that rarely talks or listens, plugged into our Ipods? I think I’ll be unplugging for a while, and next time my fifteen year old sister tells me she can’t walk out the door with make-up I will be telling her otherwise.

  6. Robert

    Mr Max, Hi 🙂

    So … why doesn’t gender enter into climate change discussions more often?

  7. Jen Phillips

    Hey Max, aside from food production and acquisition, women in poor countries in general have fewer material resources and income-earning opportunities, more child-rearing duties, and they are less likely to survive natural disasters like tsunamis and floods than men.

    But as women may disproportionately suffer the effects of climate change, they may also be part of the solution. The report’s authors suggest that wide access to contraception and reproductive health services for women in poor nations may do more to reduce climate change than any legislative action.

  8. forex robot

    nice post. thanks.

  9. Idella Milke

    Thank you for the enthrilling post, may I ask where you get your information from?

    • Admin (Max)

      Dear Idella Milke,
      I am an elderly man with lot’s of experience. I read a lot of books and talk to a lot of people about the subjects I write about.
      My advice to you and to everyone else, don’t just rely on the Internet, read books! The library is a world of its own.

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