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Facts of Live

Posted by on Feb 17, 2011 in Ecology | 0 comments

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One of the eternal inner conflict of man is to accept the facts  of life as they are. And what is the appropriate way of life according to the facts.

Not what we simply want, but what are the facts, that should dictate our way of life. Regardless whether what we want is in accordance with the facts of life. Technology is the key to our way of life.

 It provides us with the means to overcome the shortcomings of our materiel supplies and offers us, supposedly, psychological fulfillment. Still we strive to overcome the limitations of the present technologies. This is the quintessence of science. With every new technology our standard of living is rising. The decisive factor is, what technologies we use to achieve this standard of living and to hold on to it. In the end it becomes our way of living.

Although we know how damaging our way of life for the organism earth probably is. If a climate change is possible, then that’s should be treated as a fact and a threat. Our technology must be used very differently.

If it helps even old technologies need to be reinvented. Furthermore in the learned circles, discussing Sustainability, they talk and think, but offer no pragmatic solutions. They need not do that to this, we have Nesseq!

Nesseq offers some ideas how to apply technology in a slightly different way. Thus our way of living is changing but our standard of living will not decline. If we acknowledge the fact, that a Climate Change is possible, than this is the only way to meet the challenges of the facts of life. If we fail to do so, many million people will have to suffer in the future. 

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