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Energy and the Climate Change

Posted by on Jul 15, 2010 in Ecology | 1 comment

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Modern society is by its very nature energy intensive.

The hunger and need for energy is also by its very nature not to be stilled and is steadily rising.

The need for energy that, is rising with the modernization of society, is to be multiplied by the growing world population.

With the technology of today it is impossible to grant every citizen of this world with an an equal amount of energy.

Technically it is perhaps impossible, but with the utilization of the Inherent Energy of the geographical location, it just might be the possible.

It is a law of physics, that in order to produce energy, first energy has to be invested.
This cost much money, while the Inherent Energy simply exists.

This form of energy doesn’t cost much be be utilized.

Therefore not much profit can be made off it.

The question is what is preferable?

To make big profits or to have the energy?
For me the question does not even arises, without question to have the energy is preferable.

Money is the key issue.
The note of a currency is nothing but energy meter. It shows the energy standard of the nation.

The more energy is consumed the stronger the currency. No wonder that the US-Dollar and the Euro are the strongest currencies today, since this countries are living on a high level.

The more energy is needed to produce one item, the same item becomes more expensive.

And this, in our present culture is preferable to everything else.

But we forget, that with energy I can survive and with money I can just light a bonfire!

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