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Posted by on Oct 14, 2010 in Ecology | 18 comments

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Many people grow more and more dissatisfied with the modern life style. In addition there is also the danger that the climate will change and there are many more disquieting problems which plague the world.

Not all of those people, but quite a lot of them are looking for an alternative life style and establish so called Ecovillages.

Are the Ecovillages the answer to the ecological problem? Do they show us practical solutions how to save energy and resources?

A model fit for modern times and not as isolated entities far away from the center of the problem, the urbanization of modern society.

The problem with the ecovillages is, that they seem to ignore the fact that world population grows and that the solution can’t be found in a village but in a modern neighborhood in the city.

The models we need today should be made for the neighborhoods in the city of tomorrow. This is not so. All the sites from ecovillages that I have visited are somewhere in the countryside and far away from the cities. The villages are built like villages, everyone lives in a house for one family. With a growing world population this is the wrong signal. The city of tomorrow will be inevitably built as a conglomeration of high rise buildings.

As commendable as it is to live off the grid and not to use energy at all, to grow your own vegetables and recycle the Grey Water this form of living is not a model for the modern times. Farming in the Sky is a viable model. Where in an ecovillage is a TOTEM System?

If the ecovillages were successful then they would be much more imitated, in the whole world.

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  1. BuyExhaustMuffler

    Hi this post is very interesting. Can you reply me any related articles?

  2. John Hinker

    Holllllawaka my best friend the great and the best and the samrtest doctor in the world MR. Max.

    i wanted to update you with my progress, i am working very hard to get this totem to space and give it the touch of the Savariwakaians Civilization, you will be the first human who will get this alien technology.

    you will see designs and pics very soon.

    I will make you very proud.

    your best friend from the feature.

    John Hinker

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    Interesting fact. thanks for the info!

  4. John Hinker

    Holllllawaka Max,

    This your best friend from the feature John Hinker. me and i together in the right path, i talked with my friends in X4513 planet and they are happy to support your totem system, so we can enjoy the sun in our trips when we leave earth.

    Holllllawaka is hello in savariwaka language.

    • Admin (Max)

      Hi there John,
      very nice of you to talk to your friends about my ideas. No matter from where ever they come from. Perhaps they really going to help us build the TOTEM System. But until they do, we can start to build it all by ourselves. The technologies already exist. It is just a matter of finding the right people.
      Thank you very much,

      • John Hinker

        OMG !! thank you my best friend MAX for answering me i am so appreciated with your kindness to me this is touching my heart so deep in ways the sun can’t even imagine it. i want to build it so we can scae earth, you and i, me and you, Max and JOHN HINKER.


      • John Hinker

        Holllllawaka Max,

        I feel you and i, you and me, i and you are connected with the spirits of the sun souls, my friends are so excited about you, i keep talking about you all the time, i am going to build this totem with your ideas and few modifications, i will send you my designs very soon, in my last trip to X4513 planet and from learnings from the “Savariwakaians Civilization” i found out how we can build the totem, i am going to travel again very soon, i am waiting for my transporation to come, i will keep you updated with every step, your totem will feel the touch of the gods.

        i will make you very proud my best friend, i will even try to arrange you a visit to X4513 planet.

        Thank you very much, this is a big honour.

        Your best friend from the feature.

        John Hinker

        • Admin (Max)

          if you want to build the TOTEM System feel free to do so. Just let me know how it works. Send to Nesseq some reports how you built it. Photos would be nice, videos would be better.
          Don’t forget to mention where you got the idea from. If your friends from outer space want to help you, so much the better. But please I don’t want to go anywhere, I belong on earth!
          All the best,

      • Jess Curtis

        Maybe this is sounds wierd, or funny, but some things are exist, i suggest you see the

        First Contact – Dawn of Aquarius


        more in my channel :

        • Admin (Max)

          Jess Curtis,
          I don’t doubt that things exist. But Nesseq is about very mundane things like the TOTEM System and the Loan Guaranty Fund. The problems on earth are growing with the population and we have to find solutions. What exists outside of earth is not really relevant for us in the here and yet.

  5. Timothy

    Hi there! Is it okay that I go a bit off topic? I’m trying to view your site on my Blackberry but it doesn’t display properly, any suggestions? Thanks! Timothy

    • Admin (Max)

      Dear Timothy,
      you are not the first one to complain about not being able to see my website on his/her mobile. Especially Blackberry. But I don’t know what to tell you. My web master means it is a matter of the settings in each mobile phone.
      I hope you will be able to fix the problem.

  6. Jackie Evancho

    Hey thanks for fresh stuff here! By the way I wanted to ask about material. From where are you getting these ideas?

    • Admin (Max)

      Hi Jackie,
      thank you for your comment.
      You ask me, where I get the ideas from. I can’t really answer you. They just pop up in my mind. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But I don’t understand it either.

  7. John Hinker

    Hey Max, Do you feel yourself defective while having high education, but you are eager to change your job for something better, maybe ? tell me your thoughts about building Ecological Villages together when walk down the road in our next trip in the past, i have friends i met in different solar system, they had the same problem with climate change in their plant, and they gave me knowledge and technolgy, i will try my best to tell them about your wisdom and location of your nesseq site and the affect on our community by standing against the this climate change, me and you we can make the world better and nice and much much greener, we can hold hands and move forward the bright feature, you and i, i and you, Max and John.

    Your best friend from the feature,

    John Hinker

  8. Andrew H.

    Today, the use of natural resources is very high. Modern city life is highly dependent on energy and matter whose cost is high in terms of transportation, water and wastewater treatment, distribution of food and other commodities, heating and lightning of houses and offices among others. Life in the city thus causes both environmental problems as well as alienation to nature and ecological principles.

  9. Greg S

    If you divide up the total carrying capacity of the earth’s land to produce all of our resources (energy, food, materials, forests to sequester carbon, etc.) you arrive at about 4.5 acres per person. This means that if a community (or country) has a higher per capita footprint, it is using more than its fair share of global resources.

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