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Earth Day!

Posted by on Apr 23, 2010 in Ecology | 13 comments

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Every year, just like Christmas comes Earth Day.
Just the presents of Santa Claus are amiss. But the reason is almost the same. We have to remember something.
At Christmas something religious and something which happened in the past and on Earth Day that the earth is in peril.
All over the world the municipalities are shutting off the streetlights for an hour or so.
But the other  8759 hours of the year they waste energy.
We are all asked to save energy, keep the streets clean and not to waste energy. It seems the ecological challenge
is the challenge of the individual, while the municipalities are much more lenient about it.
Alone the fact that the old fashioned infrastructure is highly ineffective but is still built instead of the TOTEM System.

But this is not all, many small measures can be taken in order to save energy. For instance every third or fourth street light could be turned off. All the energy saved world wide could be quite substantial.

Another a little bigger example would be to run the public buses with electricity instead of building the infrastructure for streetcars.

The electric buses could get their power supply by a transfer line. The same as a street car needs.

This solution would be much cheaper since the tracks for the streetcar is not needed.

As one can see the municipalities have a lot of possibilities and do not exploit them.

But next year we will celebrate Earth Day again!

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  9. Adrian

    Nice Article, but its called EARTH DAY not (Eart Day!)

    anyway, we should consider everyday is a earth day, we don’t want to end up in the last day of this earth.

    • manx

      Thanks Adrian,
      small mistakes are made easily, bigger ones take longer.
      All the best
      Max Nadel

    • Beck

      Its Funny, Eart Day 🙂 oh earth … the third planet from the Sun, the fifth-largest and the densest of the eight planets in the Solar System. is this te one you talking about ??

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