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Diversity or Monotony?

Posted by on Apr 17, 2010 in Ecology | 17 comments

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The era of Communism is, thanks god,  long over. And may it never come back!

Millions of people have been murdered for the dream of a just society, for the paradise of the workers and many more millions have suffered.

Why people have to die now for the happiness of a future generation can only be answered in a Dialectical manner, but it isn’t ethically. It doesn’t make sense.

The morality of it is important but should not concern us here. The question which concerns us here is why this system failed. The people in the communist states were not dumber than the people in the capitalist countries.

Among all the intricate reasons, there was one of the Monotony in society.

One party, one employer – the state, one product. One as a synonym for Monotony.

Unlike in capitalism, where competition creates Diversity.

But in times of a Climate Change, doesn’t the diversity of capitalism prove to be dangerous to nature?

Now is the time to define a new kind of diversity in global society.

Not just the achievements of the highly developed societies should be regarded as the only solution.

Also the old ways and the way of live of the underdeveloped societies have their merits.

One point is important, the old ways of the village have proved themselves for thousands of years, while modern society has led us into a dangerous situation.

One of the negative achievements of modern society  is the atomization of society, in other words, the isolation of the individuals – loneliness! Which is also a form of monotony.

By overcoming this monotony and starting to get the citizens of every town and every neighborhood will create a new kind of Diversity.

One, which will be sustainable and fit for the future.

The first step should be the establishment of Loan-Guaranty Funds. And from there on to profitable enterprises, like the ULCV – Ultra Light City Vehicle, vegetarian restaurants, TOTEMs and whole new ecological neighborhoods.

Together we are strong and diverse!

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  1. Leiidy

    “The managers of Enron did not go to jail for loisng billions, but because they misled investors by withholding information.” Yeah, that’s the ticket. What he conveniently forgets is that there are already sanctions on intentionally misleading your readers about the science: it’s called academic misconduct, or scientific fraud. If done with federal money, the worst case sanction for that can indeed be jail time. And if McIntyre really has a problem with this kind of behaviour, there would be some rewarding auditing targets for him among his friends What he also conveniently forgets is that scientists don’t make a profit on their predictions. They make a career on getting it right or as right as they can. Any sanctions of the kind McIntyre apparently has in mind will simply lead to the only folks capable of making credible predictions, refusing to do so. We will still be facing the same climate change, but blindfolded. Yeah, smart thinking.

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  9. Anthony G.G.

    Hello Max, Nice article, i might disagree with some of your points, but i want to comment about something else, which is : i really admire your honesty and your respect for critics and other points of view from readers, some other sites they censoring whatever comments they don’t like.

    p.s. i like your site design, and keep up the good work.

  10. Yoav Bronvesky

    When you will understand this :


    climate never change, its a cricle of life, one day is raining and the other is sunny, its simple, and very simple.

    you all with your “stupid” theories, oh .. its raining today because of climate change, its too hot because climate change !! no its not, climate is changing all day long, its the circle of life.

    i think you are bored guy with punch of bored people sitting behind the computer all day, thinking about .. mmm .. climate change ?? free advice : get a real JOB, or real LIFE.

    • manx

      I hope you are right. But what if you are wrong?
      That’s not possible? If it is possible, then we all should get prepared for a worst case scenario. If it comes true, we will be prepared. If it does not come true, all the better!

    • Mikey

      Stupid article, and all just theorires with no real proof, get a real job dude

  11. David F.

    Thats a load of shit. Honestly Max !!

  12. Gabriella M.

    Uh… Mr. Nadel, In fact, from a global political perspective, anti-capitalism theories purposed by the communists align directly with the needs of the U.S. and U.K. By limiting the industrial progress of Africa, the spread of AIDS and supporting totalitarian regimes, control of African assets will be easy. The true spirit of Communism is missing, but the ideology is present and extremely malformed.

  13. Ali

    Hi Max, Some times you read an article on global warming and think, forget Stern, forget Gore, forget the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), “we are after all, doomed”. Granted, your other articles on this blog also bring on such emotion, but your article is a goodie.

  14. Tomas

    wonderful subject. This is a serious one to redeem and ponder.

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