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Cultural Change and Technology!

Posted by on Mar 31, 2010 in Climate Change | 2 comments

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One cannot say that humans were once, in ancient times, ecological beings. They were not!

But until the begin of the industrial revolution this fact didn’t matter much. The life expectancy of humans were rather low and the products they manufactured were mostly biological degradable. With the exception of glass and pottery, which could be regarded as the oldest artificial products.

With the begin of the industrial revolution all this changed.

At the beginning of the 19. century world population reached 1 billion people. And the technological development expanded life expectancy to a formerly unknown dimension. Today humanity reached 7 billion people!

The Climate Change is the product of  of the two movements.

  • Technology
  • World Population

The root to both problems is an inadequate culture.

To meet the challenge of overpopulation and Climate Change the culture must change first.

One of the characteristics of human culture is Separation!

Separation is uncommon in nature. The maxim of nature is exactly the opposite.

It is Diversity!

It means Synergy, Symbiosis, Integration and Interactivity.

But to wait for the culture to change is futile, since the change depends on the people to happen. And this means you and me!

In this website are some idaes which could be implemented right away without a big investment.

We can do it! So let us do it!

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  1. John Connor Jr.

    We demand that world leaders take the urgent and resolute action that is needed to prevent the catastrophic destabilisation of global climate, so that the entire world can move as rapidly as possible to a stronger emissions reductions treaty which is both equitable and effective in minimising dangerous climate change.

    We demand that the long-industrialised countries that have emitted most greenhouse gases currently in the atmosphere take responsibility for climate change mitigation by immediately reducing their own emissions as well as investing in a clean energy revolution in the developing world. Developed countries must take their fair share of the responsibility to pay for the adaptive measures that have to be taken, especially by low-emitting countries with limited economic resources.

    Climate change will hit the poorest first and hardest. All who have the economic means to act, must therefore urgently and decisively do so.

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