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Cultural Change against Climate Change!

Posted by on Mar 30, 2010 in Climate Change | 3 comments

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Humanity is faced with the biggest challenge ever.

Climate Change for one and the other is the growth of the World Population.

In the year 2040 an estimated 9 billion people will live on earth.

A comprehensive solution must be found!

The challenge is rather a cultural then a technological one.
Cultural Change against Climate Change!
Science is already showing the way.
Physics is researching the realm of the Quantum, mathematics postulates the Chaos Theory.
Chaos theory states that the wing of a butterfly can cause a Typhoon; what can a man with a steam hammer cause?
Nanotechnology holds many promises and in medicine the Minimal Invasive Surgery becomes more and more popular.
Humanity does not have the time until scientific findings become part of our culture.

It took more then 200 years from the works of Rene Descartes and Francis Bacon, who are considered the fathers of the mechanistic paradigm, until the invention of the working steam engine by James Watt, which initiated the Industrial Revolution.

Today the situation is different, a solution must be found immediately!

The alternative is just too terrible to contemplate.

But luckily offers some ideas which could be implemented right away.

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  1. Jay Giffines

    The role of art institutions is now truly cultural; to create the culture which nurtures nature, not only human nature but all forms of nature. This is neither a hobby nor a luxury. It is not a Status-Impact Event.

    It is an exigency which affects everything, from the blunt demand for emissions-reductions within institutions to the tenor of our language and the cast of our thought.

    But there is a narrow strand of aesthetics which suggests that art should not stoop to this actual world of nature and environmental event, as if leaning towards this earthy world would undermine art’s tantalising artifice or soil the spangly fascinator.

  2. John Quenter

    Now it is obvious for most informed people that climate change is an extremely urgent issue that we need to address immediately to avoid irreversible changes to our climate system that will be devastating to many people living on our planet.

    And we know that we have the technologies to transfer our energy system into a low-carbon system within this century. How come that we still don’t act effectively? How come we keep falling further and further behind, with climate change proceeding faster than expected? How come the solutions offered by politicians so far don’t even come close to the urgency of the matter ?

    What do you all think ?

  3. John Quenter

    When it comes to climate change, moments of optimism have been few and far between. But I believe now is a time for measured optimism.

    The international community must embark on a path that will reduce global emissions and capitalize on the chance to achieve a best-case climate scenario. with aggressive policy action, warming can still be kept below two degrees Celsius. But we must act now.

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