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Copenhagen then, Cancun now!

Posted by on Nov 30, 2010 in Ecology | 3 comments

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Every year, just like Christmas, the Climate Change Circus is coming to a town again. It is also called the UN Climate Change Conference,. Last year it was in Copenhagen/Denmark, this year it happens to be in Cancun/Mexico, November 27. – December 10. The Copenhagen summit was called COP 15, in Cancun it is Cop 16. For 16 years the summits are held and it will go on indefinitely.

It seems to be a proper merry-go-round the world! Once  and again the question must be asked, how do the delegates go from one continent to the other? Of course, very climate friendly, with a very low CO2 foot print, by air planes. How else? And let’s not forget, in preparation for the main event in Cancun, other conferences were held in all parts of the world.

And for what?

All we will get, will be some declarations of intent, promises and a road map to a sustainable future. But without the compass!

And what else? We will not get a viable concept how to solve the problem of Climate Change and how to feed and house 9 billion people in 2050. No one will tell the tale of a different concept for a infrastructure. A decentralized one instead of the megalomaniac one, which rules the world now. The idea, which E. F. Schumacher tried already with his idea of Intermediate Size and Intermediate Technology and his book Small is Beautiful (1973) to convey to the public.

The publication of his work coincidied with the publication of to the Club of Rome, The Limits to Growth,  one year before.

Now, 37 years later, the pundits from all over the world still discuss what’s happening now and how the future might be and what to about it.  The basic thoughts for a solution was offered by, not just by, these authors but many more. If the system, infrastructure, as a big entity does not work properly it must be downsized to an intermediate size.  

This means that every neighborhood has to become self sufficient. This is not only important in order to fight a possible Climate Change, but is also a provision for a worst-case scenario, when a changed climate will lead to a changed environment.  Where floods will disrupt the conventional infrastructure. Or droughts will reign and no drop of water can’t be wasted anymore.

This is a possibility no one can ignore. Even the most die-hard Climate Change Denier can’t  refute the possibility, that irreversible changes to climate and environment can happen. Just as there is no proof, that the Climate Change is happening, there is no proof, that it can’t happen. This simple fact should be incentive enough to start acting now. The fundamental idea and the technologies exist already and can be employed immediately, only the will is missing. 

Just in case, that the delegates of the Climate Circus don’t know what is meant by that, they are welcome to visit this web site.  

* Picture courtesy to NASA.

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