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Copenhagen .. here we come !

Posted by on Mar 12, 2010 in Ecology | 8 comments

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This article was meant to be a video message on Because of technical difficulties it didn’t work out, so it was decided to publish it as an article in! Just go to the page About to visualize me and imagine I talk like Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Some well meaning friends always remind me of it!)

Hi, my name is Max Nadel – and I am mad!

I am mad at these endless “climate change” summits, because I don’t believe the solution can be found like that.

Time is lost while we are talking!

There always seems to be such a summit, somewhere on this planet. It is a regular flying circus. There was one in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 and in Kyoto in1997 and in between as well. Every year, every couple of month, there are such conferences.

And now it is almost 2010 and there is now another summit in Copenhagen!

One question, how do the people get from one summit to the other? Of course (very climate friendly) by airplanes.

On the 8-10 of June 2009 the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research held a meeting in Essen, Germany. The title: The Great Transformation – Climate Change as Cultural Change.What? The Climate Change as Cultural Change? Shouldn’t it be rather Cultural Change against Climate Change?

Activity versus Passivity!

Let’s change our culture in order to mitigate the climate change. And let us not wait until the climate change changes our culture.

And now there is another such meeting in Copenhagen.

And what will come out of it?

Declarations of intent at the best and nothing more. 17 years passed since Rio de Janeiro, we don’t have the time to wait another 17 years!

I am mad at politics!

Because politicians can’t think any further than the next election.

The first Green Party was established some 30 years ago. And while no one can deny, that positive things have happened ever since, it was not enough.
Otherwise we wouldn’t need those Climate Change summits.
But politicians are excused.

Just as anyone else, they rely on science for answers.

I am mad at science!
I am especially mad at science!
Science is the cause of the problem and science is not able to come up with a solution.

The “green house effect” and the problem of human population growth have been known for almost 200 years. They knew about it and ignored it? And now we have a problem, no actually two problems, and still science doesn’t know what to do?

Perhaps the solution is a simple one and depends more on common sense and not on science. And this is exactly the reason that science can’t find the answer: Because science is not interested in simplicity and common sense. There is no challenge to it. So we are all waiting for the big bang of the “One” technology to solve all our problems. And in the mean time the situation aggravates! Thank you very much!

I am mad at all religious leaders!
They fail to tell us that there is a new commandment: Protect God’s creation – Nature!

I am mad at all the climate change deniers!
For them it is nothing more but a natural cycle. Perhaps they are right, but what if they are wrong?

And I am mad at Greenpeace.
You have come a long way from staging rodeos on high seas and climbing on chimneys and rooftops.

Now Greenpeace is established and, admittedly, offering good services to the public.

But more could be done, no reason to rest on the laurels.

On the Greenpeace-UK website the Efficient City is introduced. The difference to the TOTEM System is the fact, that the TOTEM System is much more centralized.

With all the resources at the disposal of Greenpeace, a working model of the EfficientCity could be running already!

And I am mad at you people!
Because you believe in science and politics. And you expect that it won’t affect your life style! You are wrong. The cultural change will be immense either way and this will affect your life, whether you like it or not.
So prepare yourself for it!

And last but not least I am mad at you children!
It is your future! It is time for you to make this clear to your parents and teachers.
You have to teach the adults, what they expect of you – responsibility!

You might ask, what would calm me down?
I believe that there are many easy solutions which could be implemented right away and which would help fight the climate change. Some of those ideas are described in my website

I hope that many people will make them come true and that this will be the end of the Climate Change summits!

Copyright ©2009 by All rights reserved.
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