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Controlling Nature

Posted by on Apr 29, 2011 in Climate Change | 1 comment

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Nature is perceived by human beings as two contrary forces. At the one hand, it is called Mother Nature. That’s because we subconsciously recognize our physical dependence from nature. We need the air, the water and the soil to live. On the other hand, we consciously know about the dangers that nature poses for us. Earthquakes, floods and wildfires were, and still are, a serious threat to our survival. Today we know what lightning and thunder are, we can explain it scientifically. But what did it mean to our forebears, who had no other explanation, that it is the wrath of some deity? The feeling of being at the mercy of nature, or God if you will, led to the desire to find some control of the uncontrollable.

It was, and still is, a necessity for survival. Survival being the keyword in the whole of history of fauna and flora on planet earth, since time immemorial. The difference for human beings was, that we utilized technology. First in small ways, by commanding fire and creating weapons and tools from stone. Later on Bronze and Iron was smelted and technology got developed faster and faster. This changed our ways of survival, which look different today then, a mere, 200 years ago. In the 1. World, that is!

Technology made it possible. Now our drive to control seems boundless. What is the limits of technology? No one can answer the question, but it seems, that even with today’s technology humans are already succeeding to control the whole world, the whole of nature. So it seems, but this is an illusion. It is impossible, nature is far too big and complex for us, simple people to grasp. Every addition to the conventional infrastructure, to streets and air ports is a severe incision into nature. The sum of all small incisions, is one big damage!

Our being control freaks leads us to mess around with the balance in nature. If the climate is, or will be, changing, than this could be the result of our mingling with nature.  Our urge to control nature has led us to a situation, where we lose control. Even if the Climate Change is not the result of human activity but a natural cycle, it should not lead us to believe, that we can’t do anything about it. As Mr. Glenn Beck insinuates in one of his clips about Global Warming. To be seen and heard in the clip at the bottom of this post at minute 4:46. Beck says, that Global Warming probably does occur, but it is probably because of nature and not due to human activities. Therefore, the conclusion is that we don’t have to do anything about it. Mr. Beck forgets to tell his audience, that in the whole of Geo-history climate has changed quite a lot of times and most of the changes were gruesome. Who would like to live in the Ice Age or in a desert?

Humanity has reached a point, where a historical and fateful decision must be reached. What is more important, to survive as part of a balanced nature or be the victims of a changing climate? The answer is simple. I, personally, prefer for everyone to survive in an intact nature and not to be exposed to natural catastrophes. But since it remains unclear, whether we can mitigate the looming climate change, it would be best to start getting prepared for a worst-case scenario. The Center for Maritime Living, as introduced by Nesseq, would be a first step. After all, as a result of the Climate Change the level of the seas might rise and about 40% of the world population live near the sea.

This is a way how to control our survival, since the last Tsunami and Fukushima show us, that we are not able to control nature!

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